IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FOOD: Below are the sample words and expressions that you can use in order to help you increase your mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource. 


If you are a food lover and you get the topic about Food during your IELTS speaking exam, you are lucky! However, luck is not the only ingredient to success in acing your speaking exam. You have to have knowledge about food terminologies to express yourself better. Below are some useful vocabulary or expressions which you can use during your exam.

Banquet [noun] – a ceremonious public dinner; feast; lavish meal

The royal family has held a banquet whose guests are all world leaders.


Bland [adj] – mild; tasteless

I can’t believe I’m paying so much for this bland meal.


Cuisine [noun] – a method or style of cooking especially a characteristic of a region or a country

I’m seriously a big fan of Chinese cuisine. It has a wide range of selections.

Fussy eater [noun] – a person who is very choosy about food

I have never met a man who is a fussy eater.


Get/grab a bite [expression] – to eat something quickly

As I’m in a rush, I cannot eat the whole sandwich I just grab a bite.


Gourmet [adj] – (of) excellent quality

Italy is well-known for their gourmet pasta and pizza.


Gulp down [phrase] – to swallow the food eagerly

Synonyms: chew; swallow

The hungry man gulps down a huge portion of meat.

Have a sweet tooth [idiom] – refers to a person who loves eating sweets.

I don’t why but most women I know have a sweet tooth.


Quality justifies the bill [expression] – when the food is worth the money

I have never regretted dining in that restaurant. The quality justifies the bill!


Ready meal [noun] – a meal that is already cooked that only needs reheating to eat

Most workers nowadays only buy ready meal as they are too busy to prepare their own food.


Scrumptious [adj] – extremely delicious

French food is scrumptious, but, it costs an arm and a leg. So I seldom go to a French restaurant.


Whet your appetite [phrase] – making you interested in something such as food

Watching Chef Gordon Ramsay on TV cooking lamb whets my appetite.



That’s all about IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FOOD! Now that you have an idea of what words you can use during your exam, instill in your mind to be more confident in your language skills. And for sure that helps you get your target score. Ace it!

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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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