I really know your struggles in IELTS as I was once like you. I spent time studying a lot of IELTS

materials and disciplined myself focusing on preparing.  I was also nervous like you

before and during the exam, however, I managed to get a band 9.0.

So how did I do it?


Now, I’d love to share (why not?) the techniques that I used that helped me secure the highest

band in the  IELTS Speaking exam. These techniques are what I actually used when I took the

exam, and I was only hoping for a band 7.0 then, little did I know that I’d get a band 9.0. I was the

happiest when I received the result.


Because I believe sharing is caring, I’m happy to share these techniques with you all. I hope these

techniques can help you as well. Best of luck!


Lots of love, Julius








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