IELTS A Time You Needed Your Imagination: Study the sample monologue for the recent topic talking about imagination and make sure to understand how the speaker discussed his answers in Part 3 in a strategic way. This topic of imagination is never complicated as long as you have ideas and topic vocabulary words to use. Get ideas on this post and achieve your target band score or even get a band 9.0.












Describe a time you needed to use your imagination


You should say:


When it was

Why you needed to use your imagination

How difficult or easy it was

And explain how you felt about it



A N S W E R 


Just a few days ago, I visited my sister’s family in a different city to catch up with her and her children. I haven’t seen them for quite some time since I was incredibly busy with my business and personal matters for the past several months. 


When I arrived at her house, her children welcomed me and it was so lovely to have a conversation with them. My youngest niece was very chatty and enthusiastic telling me what she learned in school since she’s already started schooling at an early learning school. She talked about some activities that she and her classmates enjoyed doing. It was entertaining and adorable listening to her until she asked me to share my favorite story with her.




Incredibly [adj.] – unbelievable 

Chatty [adj.] – talkative 

Adorable [adj.] – loveable 


I was caught off guard because I never really had any favorite story that I could share with her. I was at a loss for words for a few seconds but I didn’t want to disappoint her because somehow her eagerness to listen to my favorite story was shown on her innocent face. I couldn’t deny her request as I didn’t want her to think that I was a bad uncle to her and I couldn’t forgive myself if I killed her enthusiasm at that moment. 




Caught off guard [phrase] – to surprise someone in a way that makes people feel uncertain or confused

At a loss for words [phrase] – not knowing what to say


So what I did was I created an impromptu story with the help of my imaginative and creative thinking skills about a princess who became a frog for being disobedient and disrespectful to her parents. I told her that the princess was cursed by a fairy and the curse would only be broken once she did three good things to humans. 


That was really fun telling her that story as it did challenge me to think creatively, especially on how I could construct that story that would make her feel entertained and learn a valuable life lesson. I never really thought that I could be imaginative considering my age now. But anyway, talking with children is really different as it feels like you need to enter into their own world so you can connect with them and that experience made me think that my imagination is out of this world which I think I can utilize for creating a children’s book. 




Impromptu [adj.] – composed without previous preparation

Out of this world [phrase] – impressive





What kinds of jobs require imaginative skills?


Obviously, jobs that fall under the fine arts category such as painter, sculptor, musicians, poets, and the like. These jobs need imaginative skills to produce masterpieces that will leave a legacy on this world like the works of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and John Lennon, among others.


I believe the skills of imagination and creativity are innate and if one lacks those skills, he can’t work in any of those jobs I mentioned. 




And the like [phrase] – etcetera

Masterpiece [noun] – a work of outstanding artistry

Leave a legacy [expression] – something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by

Innate [adj.] – a quality or ability that you were born with 



Do you think adults have lots of imagination?


Well, not all grown-ups are imaginative, especially those who are logical thinkers, I mean those people whose left brain is more dominant. Besides, some adult men and women are simply too busy to imagine things, they don’t have time for imagination as they are preoccupied with adult obligations like work, raising children, housework, and many more.

However, those grown-ups who are inclined to arts, are indisputably imaginative. They have out-of-this-world imaginative skills that people who are left-brained couldn’t fathom with. 




Grown up [noun] – adult

Dominant [adj.] – more important 

Preoccupied [adj.] – distracted 

Indisputably [adv.] – cannot be denied 

Out of this world [phrase] – extremely good or impressive 

Fathom [verb] – to understand after much thought



Do you think imagination is essential for scientists?


Honestly, I really dunno, but based on my understanding, science is based on facts and pieces of evidence rather than creative thinking and fiction, so I reckon, scientists are not into imagining things.

But anyway, I could be wrong, I just haven’t had the opportunity to meet or know someone who is a scientist. If I meet one in the future, I won’t let the chance slip by asking him whether or not they need imagination in their work.




Reckon [verb] – to consider or have the opinion of something 

Let the chance slip by [idiom] – to fail to capitalize on some opportunity



What subjects are helpful in developing children’s imagination?


I believe arts and crafts because that subject exposes children to learn how to draw or paint and create something out of educational materials like clay,  plastic bricks like Lego, and cut-outs. When children start doing any of these things, their imagination is stimulated which makes them become creative and that’s how they start learning things.

So, it’s no wonder why the arts and crafts subject is primarily introduced in early learning education as it does help children cultivate their imagination.




Stimulate [verb] – encourage or arouse interest 

No wonder [phrase] – it’s not surprising 

Cultivate [verb] – develop


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You must prepare some topic vocabulary words about imagination or creative thinking so you’ll be able to express your ideas naturally. That’s needed if you want to achieve a higher band score.

Talking about a time when you needed to use your imagination in your monologue is never difficult since every now and then we use our imaginative skills to create something in our everyday life. Just prepare and present yourself confidently before the examiner and make sure to speak your thoughts in a natural way. You can do it! Good luck!


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