IELTS An App Program You Often You Use: Below are the sample answers in both Parts 2 & 3 for the topic an application program you often use on your phone or computer. Study how the monologue is developed and how each question in Part 3 is answered. Also, learn the topic vocabulary words and collocations that can help you express your ideas about smartphone or computer application programs. Good luck and achieve a band 7.0 or even a band 9.0!










Describe an application program you often use on your

phone or PC


You should say:


What it is

When you started using it

How you feel about it

And explain why you often use it



A N S W E R 


Well, I love Google maps application as it’s my ultimate life saver when traveling. To be honest with you, I have a poor sense of direction and as a result, I easily get lost, and that really freaks me out. I had lots of experiences being lost  in the past during my travels, that even finding my way back to the hotel where I was staying was a complete puzzle. During those times, I tended to easily confuse myself with streets like which streetcorner should I take, where the street led me, and the like. That’s definitely a struggle for me.




Life saver [noun] – a thing that saves one from serious difficulty

A sense of direction [phrase] – a person’s ability to know direction without guidance

Freak out [phrasal verb] – to suddenly feel extremely surprised, upset, angry




i.) The speaker  provided his answer at once and he talked about his bad experiences about being lost. That obviously is the main reason why he used that map application. That kind of introduction is very straightforward.  If you want to be direct with your monologue, do what the speaker did. 

Thankfully Google maps application came into existence and it made all the difference in my life. If I’m not mistaken, I started using it 5 years ago but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I became heavily reliant on using the app. At that time, I traveled a lot, visiting touristy places and those that are off the beaten track. Using that app made me travel smoothly and  I became confident as I didn’t have anxiousness. 




Come into existence [idiom] – to begin to exist

Reliant [adj.] – dependent

Off the beaten track [idiom] – little known or in a remote area

Anxiousness [noun] – full of mental distress; nervousness



ii.) On this part, the speaker simply talked about how the app had changed his life. He detailed how that app helped him during his travels and how it impacted his life. This would serve as supplemental details of his story. 


What I like about this app is that it’s not a mediocre map app, it goes beyond your expectations. There’s aerial photography of places, 360 degrees interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and more importantly for me is the route planning for traveling on foot, car, or public transportation. It just makes my life more convenient and there’s no valid reason to be lost anymore. Who wouldn’t want to use that Google map app? It’s just absolutely beneficial!




Mediocre [adj.] – not very good

Go beyond [phrasal verb] – to do more than expected or required

Panoramic [adj.] – with a wide view surrounding the observer




iii.) On this part, the speaker added more details about the app by giving more specific functions of the app. Those served as his topic vocabulary words which were needed to boost his score in the criterion, Lexical Resource. Not only that, it helped him extend his story a bit longer which was also very important for him to show off his language skills to the examiner. 


Anyway, I’m just amazed using this app, and I don’t think I can live without relying on this app, most especially when I visit unfamiliar places. Truth be told, never an instance in my life that I miss the old school paper map, since the time I started using this app. I believe this app is a must-have for everyone.




Amazed [adj.] – greatly surprised

Truth be told [idiom] – used to say that one is stating the truth

At all [phrase] – used for emphasis; to any extent




iv.) The speaker simply ended his story by expressing his feelings towards using this app. Also, to make his ending more creative, he stated how awesome the app was compared to the paper map. A wonderfully-crafted ending. 





At what age do you think parents allow their children to own a phone?


Honestly, I don’t like the idea of making children own a mobile phone or smartphone because that is just a distraction of their studies and at the same time the cause of some serious health issues. When they start using one, they will surely spend hours and hours of text messaging or socialising online. That alone will negatively impact their studies and well-being, most especially when they are  exposed to the toxicity of social media platforms. 


They are not mature yet to deal with those kinds of issues. You may think that I have extreme views and argue that parents can look after them anyway, but it is not always true that parents can monitor their children and that’s a fact. Well, I’m just being realistic and protective. 




Distraction [noun] – disturbance 

Well-being [noun] – the state of being healthy

Toxicity [noun] – poisonous to a person’s emotional or mental state

Mature [adj as used in the sentence] – being adult



i.) The speaker expressed his honest opinion instead of answering the question with a specific age. Then, he elaborated his points on why he thought that children must not have one by tackling health and social issues that were brought by using a smartphone. He then discussed  the point of some people about parenting but he believed parents could not be perfect in monitoring their children. The way he presented his arguments was very realistic or sensible. 


Which phone app is the most popular in your country?


I’m not certain about this but I guess my countrymen enjoy using Youtube application. Majority of people of all ages in my country know about Youtube and more often than not, they use it for entertainment such as watching news, listening to music, and getting updates about the lives of famous stars. Inevitably, Youtube has become a household name. Also, I think Spotify is worth mentioning because the younger generation in my country are obsessed on digging new music.

In case you didn’t know, Spotify is a music streaming and media services provider which is a very good avenue to listen or watch various kinds of music, podcasts, videos, and many more. 




Certain [adj.] – sure

Inevitably [adv.] – unavoidably 

Household name [noun] – a person or thing that is known by public

Dig [verb] – search

Avenue [noun & as used in the answer] – a channel for pursuing a desired object




i.) The speaker expressed his uncertainty at the beginning since he wasn’t so sure about it. Then, he gave his assumption in order for him to provide a better answer to discuss. He mentioned one particular app and explained how the people in his country use that app. In order for him to speak at length, he added one particular app and focused on talking about how the young generation fell in love with using that app. The answer was very well-organized and it made him sound very spontaneous although he’s just making an assumption. It’s a great answer!


How do phone applications help improve the lives of people?

Well that depends on the function of the application. Take for instance, apps about news, those news apps help people become informed as news information is at their fingertips. Also, I mentioned the Google Map application earlier, using it will make the lives of people easier, most especially those who do not have a sense of direction. 


So basically, the positive impact that phone apps bring to a person’s life depends on the function and I am very certain that app developers are investing so much effort and money to provide nothing but convenience to people. And that we should be grateful for the brains behind the advancement of technology. 




At their fingertips [phrase] – readily available

A sense of direction [phrase] – a person’s ability to know direction without guidance

Brains [noun] – the most intelligent person in a group who plans what the group will do




i.) The speaker gave a very specific answer by mentioning a couple of applications and focused on their functions. Because he focused on discussing the functions of the apps, he’s able to extend his answer more as it helped him formulate more ideas. That made him discuss his answer substantially. So make sure to provide a substantial answer to every question. 


Do you agree that people are too dependent on phone apps nowadays?


I don’t completely share that idea because I still believe that there are some people who remain conventional, I mean they choose not to use any phone applications not because they do not know how to operate them but they just simply want a simple kind of life – without fearing of identity theft or invasion of privacy. 


As we know, when we use some applications, we need to register our personal information like our phone number, email, and all. There are  so many people out there who choose not to ride on the advancement of technology and that is completely fine as simplicity in living is everything. 



Conventional [adj.] – traditional 

Identity theft [noun] – the fraudulent practice of stealing a person’s personal information

Invasion of privacy [idiom] – a situation when someone fails to respect a person’s right to keep personal information from being known

Ride on [phrasal verb] – depend




i.) The speaker expressed his negative answer in a different way, instead of just using a ‘no’. He talked about some conventional people who remain living a simple life. He tackled the fears or the reasons why those people preferred not to use any phone apps and simply concluded his answer by leaving an adage. It’s a great way to end his answer. 



And that’s all for the IELTS An App You Often Use On Your Phone or Computer recent topic! Now that you have some good ideas on how to talk about an application program, make sure to develop your confidence so you can express your ideas better. 


Meaning of Words & Phrases Sources:  1, 2


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