IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 Time Management: Study the sample answers to the topic questions about managing one’s time. Learn topic vocabulary, and collocations, and understand how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammar Range and Accuracy. 


The sample answers below simply provide you with ideas on how to communicate your thoughts better that will help you achieve your target band score. Practice and achieve a band 7 or even a band 9!






ielts speaking part 1 time management

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How do you plan your day?


(Answer 1)


It’s such a shame to admit this but I’m terrible at planning or organizing my day. If I plan my day ahead, I just end up not following what I plan. And because of that, I’ve made up my mind not to plan things, I just want my day to be spontaneous (natural) so I can be more productive, in my opinion. 


(Answer 2)


Well, I always make a to-do list for the next day before I hit the hay (go to bed) since I have a tendency to miss doing some important things on the day they’re supposed to be completed. By writing those things on a notepad on my smartphone, I’m guided on the things that I need to fulfill for the day and honestly, that practice helps me improve my productivity. 


Is it easy for you to manage time?


(Answer 1)


That really depends on my mood! If I’m so inspired, managing my time is not a worry. I can easily manage my time without any pressure or stress, that is, I can do the things that I need to do seamlessly (without a problem or interruption). But if I feel the opposite, I become a time-waster. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, I’m very good at it and that’s because I was trained by my mom not to waste my time. She’s actually a disciplinarian that she didn’t want me to spend so much time doing trivial (unimportant) things such as socializing on social media or playing computer games. I was scared of my mom back then that I never disobeyed her. And you know what, I’m thankful that she was like that to me as  I learned how to value my time. 


When do you find it hard to allocate time?


(Answer 1)


Obviously, when I’m incredibly busy with my work or my personal life, that’s when I have trouble giving my time to others or to another task. It’s just impossible for me to squeeze someone or something in (to manage to do something when you are very busy) and sadly I sometimes feel guilty about it. 


(Answer 2)


Well…let me think. Oh…I believe when I’m doing something very important that needs to be completed sooner. That’s the only time that I can never spare (afford to give) some of my time to someone or something because obviously, I need to concentrate on what I need to do. I believe anyone in that situation can never entertain people or do another task.


Do you like being busy?


(Answer 1) 


Not at all and I don’t think there’s someone in this world who wants to be busy. Busyness (the condition of having a great deal to do) is a killer – it halts (stops) you from doing your hobbies; seeing your friends; spending time with your grandparents or parents; and more importantly living a healthy life. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, I do but not all the time. I like being busy with work because it simply shows that I’m contributing something valuable to the company. However, if busyness is out of hand (not under control) and if it affects my mental health, I abhor (hate; despise) it.


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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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