IELTS Speaking A Live Sports Match That You Watched: Study the sample monologue about one particular sport match that you watched live. Understand how the speaker developed his monologue in an organized way. Also, spend time learning the Part 3 questions and talking about sports. These ideas can surely help you achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0.









Describe a live sports match that you watched


You should say:


What it was

When you watched it

What it was like

And how you felt about it



A N S W E R 


I wanna be honest with you, never in my life have I got the opportunity to watch a professional live sport. That’s because I can’t afford to buy a single ticket for any professional live sports match. Although I’m making money off my part-time work, spending it on a live sports match isn’t reasonable for me.




Professional sport [noun] – sports in which athletes receive payment for their performance 

Reasonable [adj.] – practical 


And because of that, I’ll just talk about the annual sports festival that my alma mater holds every summer. Last summer, I had the chance to watch a women’s volleyball match between the engineering students and fashion design students at that university. I was actually invited by one of my former classmates who is now working as an admin staff in the said university. 


I’m not a big fan of volleyball since I’m more into basketball but because I wanted to catch up with my friend since we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, I said yes to his invitation without a second thought. Well, I didn’t expect anything because like I said, that sport isn’t my cup of tea. 




Alma mater [noun] – the university, college, or school that one formerly attended 

Catch up [phrase] – to talk to someone whom one has not seen for some time

Cup of tea [idiom] – something one prefers


During the game, the stadium was crowded, well, the majority were university students who showed their enthusiastic and overwhelming support to the respective teams. When the game started, the crowd went crazy, cheering their team, and singing their jingle for the team they are supporting, to motivate the volleyball players. As a result, I couldn’t help myself but get excited as well, maybe because of the crowd’s energy. The positive energy was truly contagious!




Stadium [noun] – an athletic or sports ground with tiers of seats and spectators 

Jingle [noun] – a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be remembered 

Can’t help oneself [phrase] – to be unable to control one’s action 

Contagious [adj.] – spreads quickly among people 


The two strong teams were enthusiastically playing which made the audience go wild. You can imagine how deafening the noise is in the stadium. The first game was won by the engineering students, however, in the second game, it was won by the fashion designing team. That was a very entertaining game which I had never thought I could be so entertained. The third game was the craziest, I mean, I could feel the tension between the two teams and at the same time their respective supporters.

My friend and I were really having a great time watching until my phone rang. I got an urgent call from my boss asking me to see him at the soonest possible time since there was a serious problem in the office that required my expertise. I felt devastated as I needed to leave my friend in the middle of our excitement. 




Go wild [idiom] – to become very excited or enthusiastic

Deafening [adj.] – very loud  

Tension [noun] – pressure; stress 

Expertise [noun] – expert skill; a special skill 

Devastated [adj.] – very upset 






Do you think children should be involved in sports competitions?


Personally yes, because through sports competitions children will learn the importance of discipline and sportsmanship. They will learn discipline since they have to undergo some types of training before competing with others such as physical training for endurance, mental skills training to strategize the game, and emotional skills training to make them learn how to manage their own emotions.

Besides, when children join sports competitions, they will understand the value of sportsmanship which is giving respect to other sports players, especially their opponents, and having good relationships with them. So, by making children join some sports competitions, they will surely develop a character that is admirable. 




Sportsmanship [noun] – fair and generous behavior or treatment

Endurance [noun] – the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process

Opponent [noun] – rival



What kind of sports competitions do people watch in your country?


Without a doubt, it’s a basketball competition and boxing! It’s because these two sports are the most popular sports in our country. People in our country are passionate about basketball because most of us are fanatics of the NBA. Men, somehow dream to be like one of those basketball stars. Also, boxing is a sport that people can’t resist watching, I believe it’s because of excitement. Watching a boxing match is full of emotions – one can’t help himself but somehow feel affected by what they see on TV.

It feels like the viewer is the one playing. Honestly, when there’s a boxing match, we will postpone running errands so we can’t miss the match. That’s how dedicated we are to that sport. 




Without a doubt [phrase] – it is definitely true

Fanatic [noun] – a person who is extremely interested in something 

Can’t help oneself [phrase] – unable to control one’s action 

Run errands [phrase] – to go out to buy or do something 




Why do some people like to watch live sports?


I’m not sure about it since I’ve never tried watching live sports, well except when I was a student. But I have never tried watching professional live sports yet. I think some people love it because of the experience. They can see sports stars playing before their very eyes which is more entertaining than watching them on TV. Also, I suppose they enjoy the atmosphere in a stadium or a field because they can cheer on their favorite team, and interact with other sports fans. Those things can never be experienced when one is just watching the game on TV. 


Stadium [nounn] – an athletic or sports ground with tiers of seats

Before one’s eyes [phrase] – right in front of one



Do you prefer to watch live sports or watch them on TV?


As I’ve said, I’ve never had an opportunity to watch a live sport yet, so I can’t compare the two. However, I may prefer watching sports live because I like the idea of shouting or cheering the team or players whom I’m idolizing. I think that’s really fun! Besides, I want to meet new people whose interest is the same as mine. I believe it’s great to meet like-minded people as it helps widen my perspective on life. 



Idolize [verb] – admire 

Like-minded [adj.] – having similar tastes or opinions



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