IELTS Speaking A Person’s Age: Below are the sample answers for the recent topic in IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic about age. Study how each question is answered and understand how the speaker uses the topic vocabulary words and collocations. Get ideas from this post and achieve a band 7.0 or even get a band 9.0.








Are you happy to be the age you are now?


(Answer 1)

Yes definitely! Life’s a gift to be celebrated. Year after year, I learn so much in life – those valuable life lessons have helped me mature. Honestly, I don’t care so much about my age, I’m just happy to continue to exist in this world and to continue to live  with purpose. 


(Answer 2)

I must say yes and no. First, I’m glad that I’ve reached this amazing chapter of my life because I’ve gotten so many opportunities in life. I obtained my bachelor’s degree and secured a better job that helps me live comfortably. However, recently I’ve felt a bit sad knowing that I’m not getting any younger, which simply means, I have to deal with more responsibilities in my everyday life and that sometimes scares me. 




Mature [adj as used in the answer] – full-grown; adult

I must say [idiom] – used to introduce or emphasize one’s opinion

Obtain [verb] – acquire; get 

Secure [verb] – succeed in obtaining 

Deal with [phrasal verb] – to take action



i.) The speaker gave a positive answer to the question and added a very good saying that best described life. Then he talked about his approach to life. He’s able to express his positive attitude through the words that he used and that made his answer so natural. 


ii.) The speaker gave a partial positive and negative answer to the question. Then, he individually expressed his reason why he felt happy and sad for having that current age that he had in a more personal way. His being personal to his answer made him express his idea clearly and spontaneously. 


How do you feel about getting older?


(Answer 1) 

Like I said, I’m not bothered at all, I just want to live my life happily and do something meaningful to others and more importantly to myself. Not everyone gets to experience a longer life like the golden ager enjoys – some don’t get the chance to reach in their 20s, or 30s. So, while I’m still alive, I’ve got to make the most of my existence and not to worry about getting older at all.

(Answer 2)

It’s funny I’ve just talked about my feelings of getting older earlier, so let me say it again, I’m kinda sad to get older but there’s nothing I can do about it. Year after year, I turn a bit older, my physical appearance and perspective on life will change, but I’ll consider those things as a blessing so I can be grateful for the life that I have. 




Bothered [adj.] – concerned about something

Golden ager [noun] – an old person

Make the most of [phrase] – use to the best advantage 

Perspective [noun] – outlook; point of view




i.) The speaker reiterated what he said in his previous answer using a natural expression at the beginning of his answer. Then for him to deliver an answer that’s at length, he talked about his gratefulness for reaching his current age as some couldn’t even reach the age that he had. It’s a creative answer instead of just simply answering the question with a simple explanation, he went beyond the ordinary response to that kind of question. 


ii.) As he already mentioned about his feelings towards getting older in his previous answer, he just simply said his answer again and mentioned his physical changes and his way of thinking, in which he considered it a blessing. A very well-composed answer. 


When do you think is the best age for people to learn driving?


(Answer 1)

Well, learning from my personal experience, I started in my late 20s and I did struggle a lot especially on learning how to park. I dunno maybe I couldn’t easily absorb what my instructor had taught me. So I believe the younger the better. I just think that when a person starts at a young age, he can learn quickly than those who start late. 


(Answer 2)

I believe 16, the earlier the better or else if one starts later, it’ll take so much time for him to learn. As we know, when a person gets older, he has so many things to do, as a result, he cannot concentrate on learning and that will surely eat his time up. 




Struggle [verb as used in the answer] – to try harder to do something

Absorb [verb] – to take up the attention

Eat something up [idiom] – to use up time or resources




i.) Instead of giving a numerical figure as his answer at once, he indirectly answered the question by relating it to his personal experience and described his struggle in learning. Then, he transitioned to talking about his belief that it’s better to learn the earliest possible time – and that answered the question. 


ii.) The speaker gave a direct answer to the question and expressed his opinion as to why it’s not good to learn late.  He provided his practical reason why some people who learned driving late couldn’t easily learn compared to those who started early. It’s a great answer!

Do you think you have changed as you’ve got older?


Of course and that’s pretty normal! Some notable changes include my physical appearance: I was thin in the past but recently I’ve put on some weight (Alternative: I was unhealthy in the past but now I’ve become health conscious), I used to love having long hair but as I get older, I prefer having short hair because it’s more convenient that I don’t need to spend a lot on hair care products.

Also my way of thinking has changed, I wasn’t concerned about saving before but now I make it a priority. Well, those are just a few changes of the many changes I’ve had. 




Put on weight [phrase] – become fatter 

Make it a priority [expression] – to give more focus on something




i.) The speaker gave a straightforward answer to the question using a natural expression that meant yes. Right after that, he enumerated the changes he had gone through year after year and explained a bit of those so he could extend his answer a bit longer. That’s a good technique to make his answer a bit longer. 



Should we treat people of different ages equally?



(Answer 1)

Definitely! We’re all humans – we should treat everyone with kindness and respect regardless of age. We should always remember the golden rule, don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you. If we practice that rule, then for sure, the world will be a better place.



(Answer 2)

Realistically, there’s a certain difference between the way we treat children and the way we treat the elderly. Since children are innocent, that is not having much knowledge about life, we adults should provide guidance with respect and act as role models to all of them. As for the elderly, we have to show our utmost respect and be more patient and understanding to all of them.

Not to mention, we need to listen to their pieces of advice that they generously share with us as those are precious. 




Regardless [adv.] – despite the prevailing circumstances

Golden rule [noun] – the basic principle that should always be followed

Role model [noun] – a person looked to by others as an example

Utmost [adj.] – greatest

Not to mention [phrase] – in addition to




i.) The speaker gave a positive answer at once and focused on talking about the two important values in life that people should have. To make his answer much better, he mentioned one proverb that would help him explain his point better. If you know some sayings or proverbs, try using them in one of your answers to express your idea better, like what the speaker did. 


ii.) The speaker answered the question by explaining the main difference on how people treat children and the elderly clearly. He was being specific about his answer which helped him answer the question better – and that also made him speak at length. It’s a well-thought out answer. 



And that’s all for this IELTS Speaking A Person’s Age recent topic! Practice using any of those topic vocabulary words and collocations about age and make sure to ace your exam. 


Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources:  1, 2

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