IELTS Speaking Be In A Hurry: Below are the sample answers to the recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic about In A Hurry. Study how the speaker developed his answers in each question in a more organized way. Learn the strategies he applied in every answer and the collocations or the topic vocabulary he used to express his answers better. Achieve a band 7.0 or even a band 9.0! Good luck!









What do you always do in a hurry? Why?


(Answer 1)


There’s nothing. I’m a very organized person, I make sure to prepare things in advance because I simply hate doing things in a rush. For me, doing things in a hurry all the time is stressful and it’s a sign of being irresponsible. I think being in a hurry all the time surely takes a toll on one’s mental health. And because I give importance to my mental health – I mean I don’t want to be stressed out, I never do things hurriedly.


(Answer 2)


Most of the time cooking, especially the mornings on weekdays. I really don’t have enough time to cook in the morning because in the first place I’m not an early bird. I know it’s just a matter of time management but until now, I’m not changing my ways – I still hit the hay late and not organizing the things that I have to do the next day. I admit I’m indolent. 




In a rush [adv as used in the answer] – very quickly

Take a toll on [idiom] – to have a serious or bad effect on someone or something 

Stressed out [adj.] – worried and nervous 

Early bird [noun] – a person who gets up or arrives early

Change one’s ways [idiom] – to improve one’s behavior, habits, or beliefs

Hit the hay [phrase] – go to bed

Indolent [adj.] – lazy




ANSWER 1) The speaker gave a direct negative answer to the question and talked about his personality of being organized. He explained the main reason as to why he avoided doing things in a hurry to support his introduction better. Notice how spontaneous his answer and how he used some very good advanced vocabulary. 


ANSWER 2) The speaker answered the question directly and specifically and focused on talking about one good reason. For him to speak at length, he talked about his personality that would help him explain his answer better. Doing that helped him formulate a well-developed answer. 



Is doing things in a hurry good?


(Answer 1)


Like I’ve just said, I’m not into doing things in a rush personally, that’s just mentally distressing. However, I admit that there are things that are beyond our control that no matter how organized we are, we still get trapped on running behind schedule and that’s because of unexpected circumstances like you suddenly get ill, or there are emergencies that need your attention. Those things surely make you put your tasks off, and once you have the opportunity to continue doing them, you have no choice but to do things in a hurry. 


(Answer 2)


Not at all for some people, but for me, it’s the opposite. I find it good because it gives me an adrenaline rush which helps me concentrate on doing things well. I like the feeling that I’m being rushed as I can think quickly and I feel energized, as a result, I produce good results. 




Distressing [adj.] – upsetting

Beyond one’s control [idiom] – to indicate that no intervention will help things 

Run behind schedule [idiom] – not according to schedule

Put something off [phrasal verb] – postpone something 

Adrenaline rush [noun] – a physical feeling of intense excitement and stimulation caused by the release of adrenaline from the adrenal glands




ANSWER 1) The speaker simply reiterated what he previously said and transitioned to admitting the fact that there were times that he couldn’t do things as planned as a result. He also needed to do things in a rush, he gave some examples that helped him elaborate his answer. Notice the collocations he used in his answer, those helped him sound very natural. 


ANSWER 2)  He gave a general answer to the question and then proceeded to providing his own personal answer. He described the adrenaline rush that he experienced whenever he’s in a rush and the impact of it on the task that he did.



What kind of things you would never do in a hurry?


I believe things that could change the direction of my life like taking a licensure exam or making life-changing decisions. These kinds of things  need a good amount of time to prepare, study, and reflect, otherwise, I’ll end up failing. So, whenever I encounter any of these two, I always take my time. 



Otherwise [adv.] – or else

End up [phrasal verb] – to reach or come to a place, condition, or a situation that was not expected

Take one’s time [phrase] – to not hurry




i.) Before he gave some examples, he first described what those things that he didn’t want to do in a hurry. After that, he simply provided his main reason why he avoided doing all those things in a rush. He used some good expressions that allow him to express his answer in a more natural way. 



Can you do things quickly when you’re in a hurry?


(Answer 1)


Not at all as I easily get stressed out if I work under pressure – I can’t focus and I feel like my brain can’t function properly. And because of that, I prepare things beforehand so I won’t be in a situation where I just get stressed. 


(Answer 2)


Well, that depends on the tasks, if I’m very much familiar with the tasks, let’s say house chores or the tasks that I do all the time at work, then I can complete them even if there’s time constraint. However, if the task is new to me, then that’s impossible. 



Under pressure [idiom] – in a state of stress or anxiety because of having too much to do

Beforehand [adv.] – in advance

Familiar [adj.] – to know something or someone well

Constraint [noun] – limitation or restriction 




ANSWER 1) Here, the speaker simply gave a straight-forward negative answer to the question and stated his inability to do things in a rush. Also, he shared what he usually does to avoid a stressful situation, he’s just doing that so his answer wouldn’t be short.

ANSWER 2) The speaker didn’t give a traditional yes or no answer to the question, instead he talked about two cases as his answer to the question. He explained each case briefly and ended his answer spontaneously. It’s a more realistic answer then!


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