IELTS Speaking Part 1 Environmental Protection: Study the sample answers below talking about protecting the environment. Understand how the speaker answers each question strategically – observe how he uses the topic vocabulary like environmental conservation or preservation.  

By getting ideas in this post, you will surely be able to answer questions about environmental protection in your actual IELTS Speaking exam without any hesitation. Practice so you can achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0.










ielts speaking part 1 environmental protection

A beautiful aerial view of a vast farm with a windmill, which is environmentally-friendly ©Annie Sprat




Would you like to work in a company related to environmental protection?


(Answer 1)


Well, why not? I would love to if there’s an opportunity. To be honest, I’m really passionate about protecting the environment. I’ve joined several environmental organizations that promote environmental awareness to people, especially those who are city dwellers and I’m loving it so much.


(Answer 2)


Not at all, my educational attainment doesn’t fit that kind of company. Practically speaking, I go for a company where I can utilize the degree that I obtained and more importantly a company that pays decently. Although I don’t have any interest in working in that kind of company, it doesn’t mean that I’m indifferent to environmental protection, I do care about the environment. 




Awareness [noun] – knowledge of a situation or fact

Dweller [noun] – a person that lives in a specified place

Go for [phrasal verb] – to choose something

Utilize [verb] – make use of

Obtain [verb] – get; acquire

Indifferent [adj.] – unconcerned



How can we protect the environment?


(Answer 1)


Being ordinary citizens, I believe we can do a lot. First of all, we must strictly abide by environmental laws. We can practice recycling, save electricity as much as we can, avoid wasting water, minimize the use of cars, and many more. These things I’ve mentioned are the little things that we ordinary citizens can do, however, when everyone is doing all of these things, I’m pretty sure that the current environmental condition will significantly improve. 


(Answer 2)

Well, we can do the common ways which our parents or teachers taught us like recycling and saving energy. But if we are really serious about environmental protection, we need to elect public officials or choose a political party that truly cares about the environment or we have to pressure these government leaders to act on providing solutions to the never-ending environmental problems. I believe that’s more powerful in protecting the environment.




Abide by [phrasal verb] – to obey or conform to the rules

Significantly [adv.] – notably; remarkably

Pressure [verb as used in the answer] – persuade



Do you think you’ve done enough to protect the environment?


(Answer 1)


Despite being an active volunteer to several environmental organizations, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t done enough. I know that I can still do more than what I’ve done and because of that, I will continue contributing something that can improve the state of Mother Earth. It sounds cringy for some but I already claimed that that’s one of my missions in life. 


(Answer 2)


I don’t think so. Yes, I’ve been practicing some little ways to protect the environment but I’m not religiously doing that every single day of my life. However, I’m trying to be more responsible because our planet Earth is undeniably changing like the weather has become so unpredictable, so many natural disasters have occurred, icebergs are melting, and the sea level is rising. These things make me think that we’re starting to pay the price.




Admit [verb] – acknowledge

State [noun] – condition

Cringy [adj.] – to cause embarrassment

Claim [verb] – claim; profess

Religiously [adv.] – with consistent and conscientious regularity

Pay the price [idiom] – to suffer the consequences of one’s actions



Is there education about environmental protection at school?


(Answer 1)


Yes, back when I was a student, we had one curriculum about science and the environment which taught us the importance of environmental conservation and preservation. To be honest, I found it boring since I didn’t have a clear understanding of the value of it. I’m glad that I’ve exposed myself to certain environmental organizations as it helped me open my mind. I just hope that schools these days realistically teach their students about environmental protection. 


(Answer 2)


I believe so because there’s a science subject in primary and secondary schools. I’m pretty sure teachers teach their students some environment-related topics as I had them when I was a student. And I must say, that was one of the valuable lessons I learned in school.




Conservation [noun] – prevention of wasteful use of resources

Preservation [noun] – the act of keeping something as it is

Open one’s mind [phrase] – be prepared to consider or acknowledge

Pretty [adv.] – fairly; reasonably


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The topic concerning about environment or environmental protection is timely as we have been facing a lot of environmental problems since the age of industrialization. If you read some articles that talk about the state of the planet Earth, this topic will never be difficult as you can share a lot of things about this topic with your examiner.

 The sample answers that are written above about the environment serve as your guide, do not memorize them, instead, get ideas and practice answering those questions in your own words. Good luck! 


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