IELTS Speaking Laughing or Laughter: 2020’s recent topic with comprehensive sample answers and tips. Talking about laughing is not complicated at all, as this is one easy topic – we all laugh and share laughter to our family and friends. It’s part of our daily life for sure.

Below are the sample answers talking about laughter. Study how the answers are developed and notice the topic vocabulary words and collocations used in every answer. Achieve your target score or even get a band 9.0!










Do you enjoy watching movies or TV shows that make people laugh?


(Answer 1)

Well, who doesn’t? We all binge-watch comical motion pictures or TV shows like ‘Just For Laughs’ every now and again to make us entertained and at least forget about our troubles even for a short while. Honestly, they’re like my happy pill whenever I feel down in the dumps. 


(Answer 2)

Yes I do! In fact, I idolize Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey – I’ve never missed any single comedy films they have starred. They’re just hilarious! Also, I usually occupy my days off indulging watching American comedy TV shows with my wife. It’s our unique way of hanging out together. 




Binge watch [verb] – watch multiple episodes

Comical [adj.] – amusing; funny

Motion picture [noun] – another term for movie

Happy pill [noun] – anti-depressant

Down in the dumps [idiom] – to feel gloomy or depressed

Idolize [verb] – admire

Star [verb] – have someone as the principal actor

Hilarious [adj.] – very funny

Occupy [verb] – engage; busy

Indulge [verb] – become involved in

Hang out [phrasal verb] – to spend a lot of time in a place with/without someone





i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker started his answer by giving a rhetorical question. This made him sound very confident in using the English language. Then, he talked about most people’s habit of watching comedy films or shows. Right after that, he ended his answer by stating that it’s his way of getting away his sadness. Notice the vocabulary words that he used, they helped him express his answer very well. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a direct positive answer, then provided an example of comedians who starred in comedy films. Then, he talked about how funny those actors were. To make his answer balanced, he added his answer by talking about how he spent his days off with his wife and that’s watching comedy TV shows. Great answer! 



Do you usually make your friends laugh?


(Answer 1)

No, not at all! Unfortunately, I wasn’t gifted with sense of humor. It’s the other way around – I mean, it’s my friends who usually make me really laugh to the point that I laugh my head off. I’m just a complete opposite to my friends – I guess I’m boring but lucky enough to be surrounded with jocular friends. 



(Answer 2)

I believe I do, and well, everyone of us loves to make each other laugh. We love to crack jokes most especially when we feel like we’ve started to become serious. I reckon, we don’t treat life very seriously and I think that makes our bond stronger as we share the same perspective on life. 




Sense of humor [noun] – a personality that gives someone the ability to say funny things or even see the funny side of things

The other way around [phrase] – the opposite of what is expected

Laugh one’s head off [phrase] – to laugh a lot

Jocular [adj.] – humorous; funny

Crack a joke [idiom] – to tell a joke

I reckon [expression] – another way to say I think/I suppose

Bond [noun] – a strong feeling of friendship




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a direct negative answer, then, used a negative expression (unfortunately), to describe his character which is being lack of humor. He explained further by stating that it’s his friends who made him laugh instead of him to them. Also, he added another description to his personality which is being boring to add a supporting idea to his reason. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker answered positively but not using the expression, yes. Then, he talked about the characteristics of his friends which is similar to his – and that is being funny. Also, to make his answer a bit longer, he talked about how they perceived life in which it did help them to have a stronger relationship as friends. Always extend your answer a bit more but bear in mind to not overdo it. 



Are you the kind of person who loves making people laugh?


(Answer 1) 

Well like I’ve just said, I don’t have any talent in making people laugh. How I wish I did have that kind of ability! I always have so much admiration for people who are humorous but also being respectful – I mean their jokes are really entertaining but not below the belt. 


(Answer 2)

Yes definitely! I just love making people laugh, I think it’s an innate character of mine. I suppose, I get this jolly and flamboyant personality from my mom. My mom has a boisterous laugh but not annoying and it’s really contagious. In fact, she’s popular in our village because of her personality and so am I.




Humorous [adj.] – amusing; funny

Below the belt [idiom] – cruel & unfair

Innate [adj.] – inborn; natural

Jolly [adj.] – happy & cheerful

Flamboyant [adj.] – lively; exuberant

Boisterous [adj.] – energetic; cheerful

Annoying [adj.] – irritating

Contagious [adj.] – affect others

So am I [expression] – short reply which means “I am too.”





i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker reiterated what he said in the previous answer stating that he loved to make people laugh. Use these expressions: Like I said, As I have mentioned, As I’ve just said, whenever you want to repeat what you previously said. These expressions can help you sound natural and confident. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a positive answer and explained that it’s his character making people laugh. Also, the speaker extended his answer by talking about his mom’s character which he believed he got his personality from his mom. Such a clever way to extend his answer!



Do you think it’s important to laugh with friends? 


Of course! Laughing with friends is one of the best things and a great feeling in the world! I don’t think there’s someone in this world who never likes to share laughter with his friends. We all want friends who can help us shrug off our worries through laughing. As the old adage goes, Laughter is the best medicine, so it’s more than important to laugh with friends!



Shrug off [phrase] – to get rid of something; to treat something as if it’s not a problem or important

Adage [noun] – a proverb; saying

Laughter is the best medicine [saying] – trying to be happy is a good way to stop worrying




i.) The speaker gave a positive answer using a natural expression (Of course – don’t use this in Part 3). Then he expressed his answer by saying that all of us want to laugh with our friends as it’s the best feeling in the world. Also, he injected one saying that helped him support his argument better. If you can include some saying or proverb in your answer, please do so, as it surely helps you explain your answer even clearly. 





And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Laughing or Laughter recent topic! Now that you have some ideas on how to talk about laugh or laughter, make sure to develop your confidence and ace your exam! 


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Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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