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Do you often wear make-up?


(Answer 1) (For women)

Yes I do, putting on some make-up is a must since I work as a front desk clerk in one of the hotels here in this city. I meet people from all walks of life and I think it is just refreshing or welcoming for them to see me presentable or pleasant in front of them. Well you know, cosmetics can do wonders!


(Answer 2) (For men)


Not in my everyday life, however, I wear some light make-up whenever I attend some very important events such as our company’s annual year-end party and wedding, most especially if I’m one of the members of the entourage. It’s just very pleasant to touch up some make-up as I don’t look pale and it does highlight my best facial features. 


(Answer 3)

Well, I wear make-up but not oftentimes, only when there are some important or formal events and I’m not into putting on heavy make-up. That’s just not my personality.  If I use some cosmetics, I’m more into applying foundation on my face and a little stroke of lip gloss on my lips. And that’s enough for me!



Put on [phrasal verb] – to apply

All walks of life [phrase] – a person’s job or position within the society

Can do wonders [expression] – can have a good effect on something

Light make-up [noun] – simple; natural

Entourage [noun] – a group of people surrounding a very important person

Touch up [phrasal verb] – to put on; apply

Pale [adj.] – refers to having poor or unimpressive appearance

Highlight [verb] – to give emphasis

Heavy make-up [noun] – applying too much cosmetics

Cosmetics [noun] – a preparation to apply to one’s body or face such as foundation, lipstick, mascara etc. to improve one’s appearance




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a positive answer and provided a thorough explanation by talking about her job. She explained why wearing make-up is essential in her every day life. Also, she used some good expressions that helped her explain her answer clearly. Well, the best way to explain something fluently is to talk about your experience or your life and that’s what the speaker did. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a negative answer to the question and then transitioned to talking about his use of make-up occasionally. Then supported his main answer by talking about the occasions in which he needed to wear some make-up. In that way, he’s able to extend his answer and at the same time he showcased his vocabulary knowledge. 

iii.) ANSWER 3: Just like in ANSWER 2, the speaker talked about his/her occasional use of make-up. Then talked about his personality in terms of using cosmetics. It’s such a good way to stretch his/her answer a bit more. Make sure to provide at least two sentences of your answer. The most important thing is, you can express your thoughts a bit more. 



Does wearing make-up mean something to you?


(Answer 1) 


Well, it’s something that I couldn’t live without. It’s part of my daily life! For me, using some cosmetics like make-up and foundation is an act of taking care of my appearance. And this is what some women are missing out – in my humble opinion, they have to put on a bit of make-up for them to look even more pleasant. 


(Answer 2) 


Honestly, it’s not one of my priorities in my everyday life. I have other more valuable things to do than putting make-up on my face. I know what make-up can do to one’s appearance – it can surely improve one’s looks but for me that’s just superficiality. I’m always for natural beauty. 


(Answer 3) (For some men)


That’s a hilarious question! As a man, wearing make-up is the last thing on Earth I want to do. It doesn’t mean anything to me, at all.




Couldn’t live without [expression] – when you say that you can’t live without something, it means that you feel inconvenient for not having that something

Foundation [noun] – a liquid or powder that is applied to the face to create an even or uniform color of the skin

Miss out [phrase] – fail to include someone or something

Priority [noun] – something that is considered more important than others

Superficiality [noun] – the fact of seeming to be good or essential but of having no real value

Hilarious [adj.] – amusing; very funny 

The last thing I want/need/do [expression] – something that you certainly do not want/need/do

At all [phrase] – in any way



i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker explained the importance of wearing make-up on her daily life. She also gave her opinion on what can make-up do to women’s appearance. She used some very good expressions that helped her express in a more natural way. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a very honest answer talking about his/her priorities in life. Although he/she admitted how make-up improved the appearance of the person, he/she still believed that that’s not an important thing in life. He/She presented a very realistic and spontaneous answer! 

iii.) ANSWER 3: The speaker was very direct and not holding back his amusement. He just expressed his thoughts and simply gave an obvious answer. This helped him sound very natural. The point in IELTS Speaking is to speak natural and spontaneous, so don’t hold back to expressing what is on your mind. 



Do you give make-up as a gift?


(Answer 1)


Not at all, unless the person requests or asks me to have cosmetics as a gift. If not, I don’t buy one as a present as I’m afraid that the person whom I would give that kind of present may not like or use it. I don’t want to waste money – buying something for nothing. 


(Answer 2) (For some men)

Definitely not! Of course, for obvious reason. Well, I do have several female friends but never did it cross my mind even once to give them a make-up kit as a gift. And I couldn’t imagine myself as a man going to a cosmetics shop choosing and buying some lipstick or foundation. I don’t want to sound sexist but that’s just my personal view and I’m entitled to it. 



Unless [conj.] – except if

Obvious [adj.] – clear; easily understood

Never crossed (one’s) mind [expression] – you never think about it

Sexist [adj.] – discrimination based on gender

Entitled [adj.] – the feeling that you have the right to do or express something




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a negative answer and explained his point-of-view very clearly. His/her explanation on the stance of giving make-up as a present was very logical and he/she ended his/her answer in a more reflective way. A very good answer! 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a negative answer and expressed his opinion in a more honest way. He talked about the realistic view that men usually have in terms of buying or choosing make-up. Also, he ended his answer by defending his view in order not to offend someone. He was able to handle this kind of question in a classy way. So, don’t be afraid to be unconventional when answering IELTS questions, the examiner is only grading you based on the English skills that you have, not your opinion. 



What do you think of men wearing make-up?

I don’t mind at all, it has become a trend these days. I think in pop culture, men look attractive wearing make-up as they have the image of a rockstar, punk, or an idol like those K-pop artists. I also think that it’s a form of art, if wearing make-up makes them feel good about themselves, so be it! I’m sure that, it doesn’t make them less of a man. 




(I) don’t mind [expression] – another way to say “I don’t care”

Trend [noun] – fashion

Pop culture [expression] – modern culture aimed at the younger generation through mass media

So be it! [expression] – an expression that means you need to accept the situation

Less of a man [expression] – to make a man feel less masculine; emasculate 



i.) The speaker gave a positive attitude towards men wearing make-up, he talked about the popular culture and the expression of art. It’s a very good way to defend his argument. Also, he ended his answer by reassuring that wearing make-up was not the basis of being a real man. It’s a very good answer plus the expressions that he used made him sound very natural.





And that’s all about IELTS  SPEAKING MAKEUP or COSMETICS recent topic! Isn’t it easy? Get ideas from this post and ace your exam! You can surely do it!


Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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