IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisements: Study the sample answers below about advertising or advertisements. Learn how the speaker formulated his answers by targeting the IELTS Speaking criteria. Analyze how he used the topic vocabulary or collocations in his answers that helped him express his answers clearly and in an advanced way. 

The sample answers are enough to guide you in constructing your own answers that will help you achieve a band 7.0 or even a band 9.0.








ielts speaking part 1 advertisements

Billboard ads and digital ads captured by Mathias Arlund



Which advertisements are you interested in watching, TV advertisements or internet advertisements?


(Answer 1) 


Honestly, none of them! I hate ads simply because they’re distracting. I hate it when I’m watching a very exciting part of the TV drama then all of a sudden (suddenly), it’s cut because ads need to play. All the high intense (extreme) emotions are spoiled (destroyed) because of the commercial and that’s undeniably annoying. 


(Answer 2) 


Well, I think nobody likes advertisements because they’re usually time-consuming. However, if I had to choose one between the two, I’d rather go for internet ads because I have a choice to skip them. Unlike TV ads that I really need to endure (go through) a series of commercials until the TV program that I watch returns. 


What kinds of advertisements do you dislike?


(Answer 1) 


All of them! Like I  said earlier, I hate ads as they’re stealing my time. However, I really understand because those ads are the ones that fuel (support) the TV network, social media companies like Youtube and Facebook, and content creators financially. Without ads, those institutions and video creators won’t exist since ad money is making them survive in the industry.


(Answer 2)


I abhor (to feel hatred) those ads that portray (show) violence, especially those mobile or computer game shooting ads. I’m very sensitive to shooting scenes because of the never-ending (unstoppable) shooting violence in the US. I think those kinds of ads influence those children or people who are mentally ill or those who have psychopathic or sociopathic behavior. I believe those types of ads can trigger them to do something nasty (unpleasant)


Are there many advertisements in your country?


(Answer 1) 


Undeniably, yes! There are countless of them, especially if you’re watching a TV program that’s really popular. Because there are so many ads, you’re highly likely to lose interest in the program as those ads,  unfortunately, spoil (destroy) your enthusiasm (excitement)


(Answer 2)


Unfortunately, yes! So many of them that you can’t even count. Not only in the traditional media but even on the internet and in the streets. Well, that’s not surprising since the advertising industry is giant (major, big). Almost all companies rely on (depend) ads to promote their products and services to people as that method is the most effective revenue driver. 


Do you want to work in advertising in the future?


(Answer 1) 


No, I don’t think I have any talent for advertising. I believe if one wants to work in that kind of industry, he must have creativity and the ability to convey (deliver) the message of the product or service that can surely entice (attract) people. And honestly, I don’t think I possess (have) those kinds of skills. 


(Answer 2)


Well, if there’s an opportunity, then why not? I’m the kind of person who loves trying new things. I think I’ll be able to utilize my creative thinking skills if I get the chance to work in the advertising industry. I know that working in that industry is demanding but I’m up for it (willing to try something out).

What kind of advertisements do you watch?


(Answer 1)


I watch all sorts of advertisements, I mean I don’t have any choice but to watch whatever ads that appear on TV. However, when it comes to ads on social media, I’m selective on what ads I’m fine watching and the good thing is that I can skip some ads but if I’m watching a channel of my favorite Youtubers, I never skip ads as I want them to make money from their hard work. 


(Answer 2)


As I’m more into gadgets, most of the time, I enjoy watching commercials that are tech-related because I want to be updated with the latest products from my favorite tech companies. Though I also enjoy watching commercials for beauty products, I can say that I don’t watch those ads as often as gadget-related ads.




Sort [adj.] – type

Tech [noun] – technology



Where can you see advertisements?


(Answer 1)


Advertisements are undeniably everywhere! We all can see them on TV, in newspapers, online, on billboards, and even hear them on the radio and on podcasts. The advertising industry is a gargantuan money-making industry, as a result, they appear everywhere. 


(Answer 2)


Well, most of the time on TV, online, on the streets, and in malls. I believe they’re part of everyone’s life. Everyone sees ads at home and outside. Wherever we go, we see ads any time of the day and which makes me believe they’re seriously part of our existence. 



Undeniably [adv.] – unable to be denied

Gargantuan [adj.] – massive 



Have you ever bought something because of its advertisement?


(Answer 1)


Definitely and a lot of times! For some reason, I’m easily convinced by testimonial ads. I dunno, I find those kinds of commercials enticing, intriguing, and credible. My latest purchases were heavily influenced by those types of ads that I watched and I have no regrets though.


(Answer 2)


Yes, I’ve done that several times, but I don’t easily get convinced by the ads that I watch. I normally check the reviews of the products before making a decision because I really want to make sure to buy something which I believe is of high quality. 



Testimonial ads [noun] – an advertising method that highlights the end user’s statement extolling the virtue of a product or brand  

Enticing [adj.] – attractive & tempting 

Intriguing [adj.] – fascinating; arousing one’s curiosity 

Credible [adj.] – acceptable 



Do you watch advertisements from the beginning to the end?


(Answer 1)


Well, if the advertising medium is TV, then I do watch the ads till they finish. However, if they appear on social media platforms, I always have a choice not to watch the entire ad. Like I said earlier, I make a habit to watch ads on my favorite Youtube channels because it’s my way of helping content creators. 


(Answer 2)

Never! I don’t want to waste my time watching those ads, though I normally watch a portion of the ad, I never want to watch the entire ad, especially if the duration is a minute or two. I can tolerate watching ads for no more than ten seconds. 




Make a habit [idiom] – do something habitually

Tolerate [verb] – allow





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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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