IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 APPS: Study the sample answers to the topic questions about smart devices’ applications or apps. Learn topic vocabulary, collocations, and how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and Accuracy. 

Talking about apps is easy, especially if you have enough vocabulary to use. The sample answers below give you ideas on how to articulate your thoughts better that will help you achieve your target band score.







ielts speaking part 1 apps or mobile applications

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What apps have you recently used?


(Answer 1)


Lately, I’ve been using utility apps such as a calculator because I’ve been learning so much Math these days and also the weather app since I can’t go out without knowing the weather. Aside from those apps, I’ve been using news apps as well as I want to be updated with the latest happenings in the world. 


(Answer 2)


I’ve been a big fan of using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok ever since I got to understand how to use them well. These social media applications have kept me sane during this pandemic as I get to keep in touch with my friends and make myself entertained. 




Utility app [noun] – mobile applications such as calculator, flashlight, the weather, etc. 

A big fan [expression] – to like something much 

Keep me sane [expression] – to not lose one’s sanity; to not become mentally-ill

Keep in touch [expression] – to continue to talk



What kinds of apps are you usually interested in?


(Answer 1)


I’m more interested in financial technology or FINTECH apps because these days I’ve been doing online banking, investing in different financial products or stocks, and sending payments to online merchants. Actually, these apps have provided me so much convenience in life and I believe these are the most innovative apps.


(Answer 2)


Like I said earlier, I’m more into using social media applications for the same reason which I mentioned earlier. I can’t imagine my life without these applications, I mean, I believe it’s going to be very challenging since these apps have been my happy pills, most especially, in these trying times. 




Fintech [noun] – As per Investopedia, it describes a variety of financial activities, such as money transfers, depositing a check with a smartphone, bypassing a bank branch to apply for credit, raising money for a business startup, or managing investments, generally without the assistance of a person. 

Merchant [noun] – a business that sells directly to customers either from a store or through the internet

Innovative [adj.] – advanced and original 

Be into [expression]  – be interested in 

Happy pill [noun] – an antidepressant drug



What was the first app you used?


(Answer 1)


Wow, I don’t think I have vivid memories of that. I just can’t remember, perhaps, a calculator or a flashlight because early releases of smart devices didn’t really have a lot of apps except those utility apps I’ve mentioned. 


(Answer 2)


If my memory serves me right, it’s a photo editing app since I’ve been so passionate about editing my photos before posting them on my social media accounts. Well, even up to this day, I’m enjoying those kinds of apps as I can turn my boring photos into extraordinary ones. 




Vivid [ad.] – producing clear images in the mind 

If my memory serves me right [expression] – If I remember correctly

Passionate [adj.] – ardent; enthusiastic

Turn something into [phrasal verb] – transform

Extraordinary [adj.] – remarkable



What kinds of apps would you like to use in the future?


(Answer 1)


I believe I will still be using Fintech apps as they’re already part of my everyday life. I don’t think I can do financial-related tasks efficiently without the help of those applications. Also, I’m pretty sure that in the future there’ll be more exciting and innovative apps that will capture my interest, so I’m very open to using those new apps.


(Answer 2)


I still see myself using social media applications as I love them. Well, I’m very sure that there’ll be new innovations that will help people socialize even more and better compared to the current social media apps and I won’t miss using those new apps for sure. 




Efficiently [adv.] – working in an organized, quick, and effective way

Capture one’s interest [expression] – to make someone interested in or excited about something 

Miss (not to do) [verb] – to fail to do or experience something


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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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