IELTS Speaking Part 1 Being Happy: Below are the sample answers to the topic questions on happiness or being happy. Learn how to talk about happiness in your actual IELTS Speaking exam by getting ideas on this post. Study how the speaker organized his answers in order for him to get a higher band or even get a band 9.0. Good luck!









Is there anything that makes you feel happy lately?


(Answer 1)


Well, there’s nothing really special that makes me so happy recently, but every day I’m happy because of my family. They are my inspiration and my strength that keeps me going in life. Without them, I don’t know what my life would be like. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, and that’s my personal journey to achieving financial freedom. I’m actually very close to my financial goal and it does inspire me to work even harder. Actually, I was drowning in debt because of a student loan and my mortgage. Thank God, I finally finished paying my student loan and I’m so proud of myself for doing that. These days, I’m more motivated to attain my financial goal.




Drowning in debt [expression] – to owe a lot of money

Mortgage [noun] – debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property 


What do you do to stay happy?


(Answer 1)


I eat healthy foods and I exercise thrice a week. I’ve been doing that since last year after I read an article on how to live life happily. That article was so inspiring and convincing, I was never a healthy-conscious person before until I came across that life-changing article. It’s really true that if you eat healthily, you’ll surely be happy and that’s what I’m feeling every day. 

(Answer 2)


For me, it’s really a challenge to be happy all the time. I mean, there are times that I feel down in the dumps, and whenever I feel that way, I don’t suppress that feeling, I don’t force myself to be happy because that’s just impossible. Instead, I give myself permission to feel all kinds of emotions, as that gives me peace of mind, and if I have peace of mind, I feel happy.




Come across [phrase] – meet by chance 

Down in the dumps [idiom] – feeling very sad

Suppress [verb] – prevent the development of a particular feeling


Can you stay happy all the time?


(Answer 1)


No, and in my opinion, that’s impossible. We are all humans capable of feeling or experiencing different kinds of emotions. Life isn’t perfect, there will always be trials that make us feel anxious, exhausted, sad, among others and that’s pretty normal. So, I don’t really believe in the idea of staying happy all the time. 


(Answer 2)

As much as I want to but that’s just unattainable. We wouldn’t know the taste of happiness if we didn’t go through some hardships or sad experiences in life. I think staying happy all the time is just an idea, for a realist like me, that’s undoable. 




Unattainable [adj.] – not able to be achieved

Go through [phrasal verb] – undergo; experience 

Realist [noun] – a person who accepts a situation as it is and prepared to deal with it accordingly

Undoable [adj.] – impracticable 


Is it important to be happy?


(Answer 1)


Definitely! Research shows that those people who are optimistic and happy in life tend to be healthier than those who are not. When a person is healthy and happy, he is unlikely to get heart disease, stroke, cancer, among others. And I actually believe in that finding, as I myself experienced several diseases when I wasn’t happy with my previous work. The stress that I got from my previous work made me unhappy and that compromised my health. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, it is! Life is short to dwell on things that make you sad, there’s more to life than feeling terrible about yourself or hating the world. I think to be happy is a choice, if you choose to be happy you’ll have more opportunities in life, however, if you give value to things that don’t serve you well, then you’ll end up having a miserable life. 




Compromise [verb] – harm

Dwell on something [phrasal verb] – to keep talking or thinking about something, especially something bad



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