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Are you open to change? (Do you like changes?)  Why or why not?



(Answer 1)

Definitely, as change is inevitable! Almost every single day in our lives, we encounter changes that play an important role in our development. Resisting change is denying personal growth which is a hindrance in reaching our full potential. I’m not that person who resists change – I’m always very open to change as it helps me become a better person.



(Answer 2)

Yes, I am! I always believe that the only thing permanent in this world is change and that’s uncontrollable. Like, people change, our interests change, our perspectives on life change, our looks, our government, our nature, relationships – everything changes. So there’s no use in refusing to accept change as everything is totally destined to change.




Inevitable [adj.] – unavoidable

Resist [verb] – hold out against; counter

Hindrance [noun] – obstacle; barrier

Potentials [noun] – abilities that may be developed and lead to future successes

There’s no use (in) [phrase] – used to say that something you do is not likely to have a successful result

Destined [adj.] – certain to happen in the future


Are there any changes in your city/hometown?



(Answer 1)

Yes, and my hometown developed significantly in the last twenty years. It became industrialized, which I think is beneficial to us residents and to our local economy since jobs have been generated. However, the saddest thing about its development is that it brings so much pollution. I think we’re paying the price now for converting our agricultural lands to industrial ones.




(Answer 2)

Yes, there are innumerable changes that have happened in my city. Obvious changes include:
our city has become the most densely populated for the past five years since job opportunities are centered in our city. The living cost is undeniably high, noise pollution is incredible, the quality of education is competitive, and many more. So basically, our city has progressed but there are underlying issues that need to be improved.




Significantly [adv.] – remarkably

Pay the price [phrase] – to have to deal with the bad effects of something that you’ve done

Innumerable [adj.] – too many to be counted

Densely [adv.] – in a closely crowded manner

Progress [verb as used in the answer] – develop

Underlying [adj.] – basic; fundamental



How has the change (in your city/hometown) benefited you?


(Answer 1)

As I said, our city has become so industrialized, as a result, our way of living has greatly improved. What I mean by that is our living standards are way better compared to ten years ago. I have a decent job that provides me with a convenient and comfortable life. Honestly, if there’s no problem with pollution, this city would be a definition of perfection.


(Answer 2)

Well, in spite of the challenges that the development of this city brings, I’m still grateful for living in this city. The transportation system is excellent, I have a well-paying job, and I can easily access the different facilities that this city provides to people. These things make my life comfortable in this developed city.



Industrialized [adj.] – having widely developed industries

Decent [adj.] – satisfactory

In spite of [phrase] – despite; without being affected by the factors mentioned

Access [verb as used in the answer] – to be able to get to or get inside a place



What do you plan to change next year?



(Answer 1)

I’m more than eager to change my eating habits because I really want to shed some extra pounds and live healthily. And just so you know I’m doing this for myself not because people judge me for being overweight. I just realized that it’s high time to prioritize my health.

(Answer 2)

Well, let me think…I guess my perspective on life. Honestly, I’ve been so pessimistic about life because I have this thinking that if I expect much or if I think so positively, I may end up disappointing myself if I don’t get what I want. And lately, I realized that this limiting belief of mine doesn’t really help me grow as a person. So I think I need to train my mind to change that way of thinking and I should practice journaling so my mind will be conditioned to avoid thinking negatively.



Shed [verb] – to get rid of

It’s high time [idiom] – used to say that it’s time to do something that should have been done a long time ago

Pessimistic [adj.] – being negative Limiting belief [expresion] – something you believe to be true that limits you in some way


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