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What’s your favorite color for clothes? (Do you prefer certain colors? )


(Answer 1)


I don’t have any particular color preference – I can wear clothes of any color as long as I feel comfortable. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t mind color coordination, of course, I can’t wear a shirt and pants whose colors are too contrasting like orange and blue or purple and yellow. I also make sure that my top is color-coordinated with my short pants or trousers. 


(Answer 2)


I’m more into black, white, and grey simply because they’re neutral colors which mean they work well with other colors. Besides, I lack fashion sense, so wearing clothes with neutral colors saves me from making poor choices of color matching. 




Preference [noun] – great liking; choice

Color coordination [noun] – the practice of blending or matching colors

Fashion sense [noun] – a sense of style 



ANSWER 1) The speaker gave a direct negative answer to the question and stated that he could wear any colors of clothes. Then he transitioned to talking about color coordination or color matching, which he considered as important. That’s a very good way to extend his answer and at the same time showcasing his ability to use the language well. 


ANSWER 2) The speaker gave a straightforward answer to the question talking about neutral colors and explained the main reason why he preferred having those kinds of colors. He delivered a brief answer but spontaneous. 



What kind of clothes do you usually wear?



(Answer 1 – For MEN or WOMEN)


I love casual types because they’re comfortable, not too ordinary or too ceremonial and for me they can never be out of style. I like that kind of style because it’s suitable for everyday use like for a walk, for casual social gatherings or activities, for shopping, and more. It’s simple yet pleasing to the eye and very comfortable. 


(Answer 2 – For MEN) 

Well, I’m a big fan of preppy style as it helps me express myself – that is wearing a polo shirt or a madras shirt matched with chino short pants or trousers and loafers. It’s relatively dressed up for casual settings but relatively dress down for formal ones. 


(Answer 3 – For WOMEN)


That’s a hard question as I have many kinds of clothes that I enjoy wearing, but let me just talk about the style instead. I’ve so much love with preppy style, to be specific, I often wear a collared T-shirt matched with an A-line skirt or a tunic top paired with simple leggings and flats. 




Out of style [idiom] – not stylish 

Pleasing to the eye [idiom] – particularly attractive to look at




ANSWER 1) The speaker answered the question by giving a specific type of clothes and enumerated the occasions where he could wear such types of clothes. He gave emphasis on talking about the comfortability of wearing those clothes. 


ANSWER 2) The speaker provided the style of clothes at once in his answer and extended his answer by elaborating what types of clothes suited to that kind of fashion. Doing that helped him speak at length and at the same time provided topic vocabulary words.


ANSWER 3) The speaker expressed her honesty stating that the question was hard to answer. That helped her sound natural. Then to speak a little bit more, she enumerated the types of clothes that she enjoyed wearing, those words are considered topic vocabulary. Those helped her sound more natural. 


What kind of clothes do you dislike wearing?


Those clothes that can make me feel less confident or uncomfortable. They could be clothes that are just too loose or tight or too formal. Honestly, wearing too formal clothes is really restricting as I need to pay attention to my movement or action, in other words, I have to be more appropriate to look decent and I just don’t enjoy it. 




Restricting [adj.] – having a certain limit 

Pay attention [phrase] – to listen or watch or consider something carefully

Decent [adj.] – socially acceptable or good




i.) Simply the speaker answered the question by stating his opinion or his preference. After that, he focused on one particular type of clothes to talk about for him to speak at length. That kind of strategy made him speak substantially. 



Do you wear the same style of clothes on weekdays and weekends?


(Answer 1)


Of course not, normally on weekdays, I wear either casual clothes or my uniform and on weekends, I usually dress down, I just wear a plain T-shirt and shorts or jogger pants, except when I need to attend some social gatherings since I really need to wear something smart. So, the clothes that I wear on weekdays and weekends are completely different then. 


(Answer 2)

Not at all, that’s impossible! I wear my company’s uniform from Monday to Friday, I can’t imagine wearing my uniform 7 days a week, that’s just hilarious. Anyway, on weekends, I love wearing jeans and a T-shirt, especially if I hang out with friends, simply because they’re comfortable and that kind of fashion will never go outdated. If only we could wear anything we want at work, then I would surely go for a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. 




Dress down [phrasal verb] – to dress informally

Hilarious [adj.] – very funny 

Hang out [phrasal verb] – to spend a lot of time with someone




ANSWER 1) The speaker gave a negative answer using a natural expression and elaborated his answer by talking about the kind of clothes that he wore on weekdays and weekends. He then ended his answer by reiterating that he wore completely different clothes on those days. 


ANSWER 2) The speaker naturally gave a negative answer to the question and specifically explained his answer by giving examples of clothes that he wore on both weekends and weekdays. He provided good topic vocabulary that helped him express his answer a little bit more and clearly. 



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