IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 Collecting Things: Study the sample answers to the topic questions about collections. Learn topic vocabulary about collecting different things and collocations, and understand how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. 


The sample answers below give you ideas on how to communicate your thoughts better that will help you achieve your target band score. Practice and achieve a band 7 or even a band 9!









Do you collect things?


(Answer 1) 


Yes, I do! I’ve been collecting stamps and handmade souvenirs from the places that I’ve traveled to. Actually, I’ve been collecting stamps since I was thirteen when my Swedish friend sent me a letter. I got interested in the stamp that stuck (pasted) to his letter. As for handmade souvenirs, I started collecting them when I was eighteen. 


(Answer 2) 


Yes, however, I don’t consider myself an avid collector (very keen, enthusiastic) of only one particular thing. I randomly collect things when I find them worth keeping (valuable). Well, I have kept some jewelry, watches, sneakers, mugs, plants, specifically succulents, and some pens. I dunno, I find fulfillment (satisfaction) whenever I do this. Actually, it’s really fun. 




Are there any things you keep from childhood?


(Answer 1) 


Yes, I still have my favorite toys! My toys when I was 5 to 8 years old. I actually keep them in a cabinet in my room as I consider them my valuable collections. They’re valuable because they’re part of my childhood and each of them has a story worth telling.


(Answer 2)


Well, there’s one thing from my childhood days that I still have with me these days and it’s my pillow. It’s a small pillow whose cover is my favorite Disney movie, the Lion King. It’s already faded (having lost its depth of color), however, I’m still keeping it as I can’t really let go of it. I feel like if I throw it away,  I’m forgetting my innocent days and my wonderful childhood memories.




Would you keep old things for a long time?


(Answer 1) 


Why not? In fact, we do have a lot of old furniture in the house. Each of them is valuable because of its old age. They’re all antique (ancient) and undeniably the market value of those things is high. So, we will be keeping them for a long period of time. 



(Answer 2)  


Yes, I would really love to, most especially those that can be sold at a higher price in the long run (eventually). The longer I keep those things the higher the monetary value they get. Actually, I learned this from my grandpa because he has some vintage cars, and honestly, he’s gotten some really good offers from collectors. 




Where do you usually keep things you need?


(Answer 1) 


Well, luckily our house is quite big so we have an extra room for storage and our garage has some spaces where I can keep some valuable things. However, I also use my room to keep those personal things that I really need because there’s no other best place where I can store my personal things than my bedroom. 


(Answer 2)


Well, that depends…if those important things are my personal belongings (items owned by me), of course, I have to keep them in my bedroom. If not, we have a storage room in our house where we can keep those valuables safe. 





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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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