IELTS Speaking Part 1 Colors: Study the questions about colors below and understand how the speaker answered the questions well. If you have good knowledge about the different terms of colors then you will never struggle. Get ideas on this post and check the topic vocabulary and collocations used by the speaker in each question. Practice and aim to achieve a band 7.0 or even a band 9.0!








What’s your favorite color?


(Answer 1)


Anything that’s pastel. I love those colors because they’re soft and pleasing (adj.: satisfying or appealing). In fact, our living room is pastel green. It looks refreshing and inviting.

(Answer 2)


Well, it’s really hard to choose one as I’m a big fan of the primary colors. I love red as it symbolizes bravery, yellow for jolliness, and blue for peace. I can’t really choose one among them since they are all my favorites.




Primary colors – first colors; red, yellow, blue

Bravery [noun] – courage; being strong

Jolliness [noun] – being cheerful or lively

Among [preposition] – to each one in a group of more than two



Bravery [brey-vuh-ree, breyv-ree]

Favorite [fey-ver-it, feyv-rit]



What colors do you dislike? Why?


(Answer 1)


I just hate neon colors like neon green, neon orange, and such. I get blinded (phrasal verb: to make someone unable to see temporarily) by looking at those colors simply because they’re just extremely bright. I just can’t imagine myself wearing shirts in those colors. 


(Answer 2)

I don’t like black despite its elegance. I just don’t have a good vibe (noun: a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place) with that color. Also, I avoid wearing black shirts because they usually have white stains all over when I get sweaty. That’s too embarrassing.


What colors do your friends like the most?


(Answer 1)

I’m not sure…that’s something I’ve never thought about. Well, I guess, white? Since I’ve seen them wearing something white every now and then. I bet (expression: I imagine or am fairly certain that) that’s what they like.


(Answer 2)


Two of my closest friends love Earth tones such as brown, dark green, and other earthly colors. The other friends of mine are more into monochromatic colors. Well, all of them look great whenever they wear shirts in those colors.


What color makes you uncomfortable in your room?


(Answer 1)


Well, aside from neon colors, which I believe are not suitable colors in a room, I’m not comfortable having the color black in a room. For me, it’s creepy (adj.: causing an unpleasant feeling) and full of negativity. I can’t understand why some people paint their room black. 


(Answer 2)


For sure bright colors! A room must have a calming color so one can relax or sleep better. I haven’t seen someone having a bright color in his room. My room is actually painted with beige color and that’s a very common color in most people’s rooms. 



Do you prefer bright colors or dark colors?

I prefer the former as they have so much influence on my mood. Every time I see light colors, I feel more hopeful in life. That is why I really enjoy the bright colors during springtime since the atmosphere is just jovial.



The former – the first choice of the two choices given [the latter – the second choice of the two choices given]

Have influence on something [phrase] – to have effect on

Atmosphere [noun] – the surrounding

Jovial [adj.] – cheerful



Are there any colors that you dislike?


Well, I have to say depressing colors such as black and grey. I always try to avoid wearing shirts with those kinds of colors as I feel like I’m a person who is pessimistic. So you can never see me wearing shirts or coats in those colors.




Depressing [adj.] – gloomy; sad

Pessimistic [adj.] – negative; hopeless

Note: The last sentence of the answer is related to the second sentence. Since the second sentence is talking about colors of shirts, the last one is a conclusion of the idea of wearing shirts.




And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 Colors! It’s never complicated, right? Now that you have good ideas on how to answer questions about colors, develop your confidence and practice speaking more naturally. You can do it!


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