IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 Concentration: Study the sample answers to the topic questions about concentration or staying focused. Learn topic vocabulary, collocations, and understand how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and Accuracy. 

The sample answers below give you ideas on how to articulate your thoughts better that will help you achieve your target band score.





ielts speaking concentration or focus

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Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?


(Answer 1)


Sadly yes, I easily get distracted (adj.: preoccupied) these days and that’s simply because I’ve become reliant (adj.: dependent) on using my smartphone every single day. When I study or when I’m at work, my phone is always with me, as a result, the notifications I get every now and then (phrase: from time to time) stop me from focusing on what I actually do. 


(Answer 2)


No, because when I have to do something, I make sure (phrase: check) to give my 100% focus. Besides, I’m the kind of person who is a perfectionist, I can’t make mediocre (adj.: ordinary, common) things. So, for me to achieve great results in the things that I do, I always give my very best to concentrate.



What do you do to help yourself concentrate?


(Answer 1)


Considering my current addiction to using smart devices, I think I need to discipline myself. That is, I have to limit myself on using smartphones or computers. I really think that I need to rehabilitate (verb: recondition) myself so I can focus on doing things better. Well, I know it’s easier said than done (phrase: be easier to talk about than put into practice), but I will challenge myself. 


(Answer 2)


As I don’t have any problem with concentration, I will keep (verb: maintain) my style or my way of doing things since it has proven effective. There’s nothing to change. I’m just glad that I have cultivated (verb: developed) an attitude of self-discipline. Through that, I won’t easily get distracted. 


What may distract you when you’re trying to stay focused?


(Answer 1)


Well, it’s always my phone’s notifications (noun: informing, warning) such as emails, likes and comments on my social media accounts, or messages from my friends and family. I think I’m not the only person in the world who has this kind of problem, I guess a lot of people these days are having the same problem as I am. 

(Answer 2)


Since I don’t easily get distracted when I do something, I believe the only thing that makes me lose focus is a very serious problem or an emergency.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to concentrate if the situation is not in my favor (phrase: to one’s advantage)


When do you need to focus?


(Answer 1)


Well, let me think, since concentration is always my problem, I believe when I take an exam. Of course, I don’t want to fail an exam as failing is an indication (phrase: sign) of ignorance. I don’t want to be construed (verb: interpreted) as dumb (adj.: stupid) because that’s just too embarrassing. 


(Answer 2)


Like I said earlier, I’m a perfectionist type of person, so in everything that I do, I make sure to concentrate. But you know what, I sometimes realize that I’m being too hard on myself (expression: to put too much pressure on myself) which is of course bad as it greatly affects my mental health. That’s something that I need to work on improving, actually. 


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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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