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This topic is very simple especially if you are a good cook or if cooking is one of your hobbies, however, if you are not really into cooking, get ideas from this post. Study the questions and learn how to properly answer them confidently. Ace your exam!









Do you like cooking?


(Answer 1)

Yes, I’m a big fan of cooking! I learned how to cook when I was only eight years old but I have to say that I became more confident in cooking during my teenage years.

(Answer 2)

Unfortunately, it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t like the idea of spending so much time in the messy kitchen – preparing various kinds of ingredients, cutting some veggies or meat, and right after I have to wash pots or completely tidy up the mess. I just don’t like that! I’m just a food lover and have no desire to learn how to cook.




I’m a big fan [expression] – another way to say I love, I like

It’s not my cup of tea [expression] – not my interest

Messy kitchen [noun] – unorganized kitchen

Veggies [noun] – another term for vegetables

Tidy up [phrases] – clean up



(if the answer to the previous question is yes) What kinds of dishes can you cook?



Without bias, since I’m an Asian, I can only cook Asian cuisine. Of course, I can cook our own food – Japanese, I can consider myself as a great cook in terms of Japanese foods. Also, I can cook some Indian, Thai, and Chinese foods well. And these days, I’ve been learning how to cook some Korean foods.


(if the answer is no) Do you want to learn how to cook?


Like I’ve just said, I’m not interested in it, so I don’t want to. It’s just hard to force myself to do something that I don’t love. I know myself better so for sure, I’ll just mess up if I try.




Without bias [expression] – based on the answer given, that speaker affirms that he is fair, he doesn’t discriminate against other cuisines but because he is Asian, he is more inclined to cook Asian foods

Cuisine [noun] – a style or method of cooking

Mess up [phrase] – fail to do something


TIP: The expression, ‘like I’ve just said’ is best to use when you are reiterating or repeating your idea. Synonyms include: ‘as I’ve just said/mentioned/a while ago’.



Is cooking popular among men in your country?

Well based on my observation, it’s not yet really common but it’s getting there. Men nowadays in my country are starting to get interested in cooking. Perhaps because women find men who can cook well attractive. I think the old saying has already changed, ‘The best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach’.




It’s getting there – close to becoming or achieving; to become a reality

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. – this is the original saying which means to make the man fall in love is to feed him, however, the speaker changes the saying based on his answer.



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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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