IELTS Speaking Part 1 Decoration: Below are the sample answers talking about Home Decor in the recent IELTS Speaking Part 1. Study how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria in the IELTS Speaking exam strategically. Talking about visiting a museum in your actual exam is not complicated at all, just make sure you have good ideas and enough vocabulary to achieve your target band score or even get a band 9.0!










What’s the decoration like in your home?


(Answer 1)


Well, there’s isn’t much to expect, I mean there’s nothing really special. For the past few years, I’ve been practicing minimalism, so there’s nothing fancy about my house. In fact, I only have three pieces of furniture and a plain white wall with beautiful black moldings around doors and windows. It’s pretty ordinary for some people but for a minimalist, it’s enough. 


(Answer 2)


It’s such a shame to say this but it’s a whole mess. I’m currently living in a studio apartment in which the normal functions of the different rooms are all combined in a single room. Actually, I’m a very busy person, decorating my house is the last thing I want to do. 




Minimalism [noun] – a style in art or design that uses the smallest range of materials and colors and very simple shapes or forms 

Fancy [adj.] – elaborate in structure or decoration


What kind of decoration do you prefer?

(Answer 1)


As I’ve been in love with minimalistic style for the past few years, I’ll stick with it. I truly find peace in not having so many things in the house. Minimalism taught me to appreciate only the essential things, excesses are a form of distraction to attaining peace of mind. I must say, I’ve truly understood the idea behind, “Less is more”. 


(Answer 2)


I’m more into contemporary, I love trendy styles and futuristic ones. I dunno, it’s hard to explain the reason why I’m so drawn to those kinds of designs. And because of my attraction to contemporary designs, I’ll make sure to build my dream house with that kind of design.




Stick with [phrase] – to continue to do or use

Be drawn to [phrase] – be attracted to something

Do people in your country like redecorating their homes?



(Answer 1)


I’m not sure about this but normally when there’s a special occasion like birthdays, New Year, or Christmas, people enjoy redecorating their houses. They want to see something new or refreshing in their houses. As for me, I rarely redecorate my house, I don’t have a lot of time to do such a thing as I have a lot on my plate – studying and at the same time having two jobs. 


(Answer 2)


I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea about that, I think that’s basically a personal preference. There are those who enjoy changing the decoration of their houses because they can afford to do so and there are those who don’t change the interior or the exterior appearance of their houses since it’s costly and they just simply don’t have time to do it. So, I can’t really generalize as that’s a personal choice. 




Have a lot on one’s plate [idiom] – to have a lot of excessive amount of things to do or deal with

Preference [noun] – the fact that you like something or someone more than another thing or person


What’s your favorite color when decorating your home?



(Answer 1)


I’m more into monotone colors simply because it’s elegant and calming to look at. To be specific, I love the shades of black or white. It’s simple yet classy. 

(Answer 2)


I love the shades of blue and green. The color blue gives me peace of mind and that’s relaxing to look at, like the sky, and the green gives me a forest vibe. It’s refreshing and it feels like you’re close to nature. These earthly colors help me improve my mood significantly. 




Elegant [adj.] – tastefully fine

Classy [adj.] – stylish and sophisticated 

Earthly [adj.] – relating to the earth or human life





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