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Have you visited a farm?


(Answer 1)

Yes, several times but the ones that I really enjoyed visiting the most are the orchards and vineyards in Australia. I remember I was at a loss for words the first time I visited an orchard – there were lots of apples and oranges and the place smelt really refreshing. Also, visiting a vineyard is memorable as I got to experience wine tasting and witnessed how wines are made. 


(Answer 2)

Not even once as I’m not interested in farms as I find them boring. However, if someone takes me to a farm, I think I’ll give it a shot. Who knows? I may have a change of heart then if I get to experience what it’s like to be on a farm. 


(Answer 3)

Yes, actually my family owns a farm and I lived on a farm for sixteen years before I moved here. We have a dairy farm and some of our relatives manage a hay farm and a poultry farm. It was actually great to live on a farm as I got to experience milking with my parents. 




Orchard [noun] – a farm where fruits like oranges, apples, pears are grown

Vineyard [noun] – a farm for growing grapes

Give it a shot [idiom] – to try something 

A change of heart [idiom] – change one’s mind



What kind of farm do you like?


(Answer 1)

Well, any kind of farms except the poultry farm, I just can’t bear the smell of it. It makes me feel sick and worse it makes me puke. It’s just unbearable. 


(Answer 2)

Without a doubt, it’s the orchard, like I said earlier, the smell is pleasing and refreshing. How I wish I could own an orchard, I think it’d make me the happiest person in the world.



(Answer 3)

I dunno, as I have never thought about it, besides, I’ve never been to any farm yet. So, it’s just impossible for me to pick one kind of farm to answer that question as I have no experience of visiting one.




Poultry [noun] – a farm for raising domesticated birds

Bear [verb] – accept 

Puke [verb] – to vomit

Without a doubt [phrase] – definitely true

Do you think farming is important?


(Answer 1)

Yes, definitely and I can’t stress enough the importance of the farming industry. Without it, there won’t be any food production as a result, we all die. That’s why I really despise some of our government leaders for not giving value to our farmers. They’re heartless and ignorant. 


(Answer 2)

Absolutely! Farming plays an important role in our existence. We consume foods every single day that are a product of farming – may it be rice, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, to name a few. It’s impossible to survive without the industry of farming. 




Can’t stress enough [phrase] – used to say when you want to emphasize the importance of something

Despise [verb] – hate 

To name a few [idiom] – to provide only a few examples



Did you do farm work when you were young?


(Answer 1)

Yes, I helped my parents milking cows and goats. That was backbreaking actually and I didn’t really like it but I had no choice, I needed to help my parents then. I usually did that every summer since most of the time I had nothing to do. The hardest part of that job was when I needed to clean the wastes of those animals after milking. It wasn’t enjoyable at all. 


(Answer 2)

No, as I grew up in the city, I didn’t get any chance to do some farm work or even visit a farm. All of my childhood or teenage days were spent playing in the park with friends or enjoying swimming in a lake or river. I just think it’s really hard to do some farm work for a child.




Backbreaking [adj.] – physically demanding 

Milk [verb as used in the answer] – draw milk from a cow or a goat either by hand or mechanically






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