IELTS Speaking Part 1 Festivals: Below are the sample answers to the topic questions for festivals. The sample answers will give you ideas on how to answer questions in a more natural and strategic way. Study how the speaker developed his answers with the use of collocations and topic vocabulary. Practice and achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0!






ielts speaking festivals topic

A festival queen of Cebu’s Sinulog Festival. A religious festival that Cebuanos celebrate every January. ©Zany Jadraque



How do you celebrate festivals in your country?



(Answer 1)


Most festivals in our country are religious-oriented, so we normally offer prayers to our God – thanking Him for the blessings that we receive and we pray for prosperity and good health. We hold some traditional dance performances as our way of expressing our gratitude. 



(Answer 2)


It all depends on what festivals we are celebrating. If it’s a religious festival, we go to a solemn place and pray. If it’s non-religious like a festival related to our national government or country, we normally exhibit our culture and traditions by holding some performances like dancing, singing, writing contests, among others. 




Prosperity [noun] – the condition of being successful

Gratitude [noun] – appreciation 

Solemn [adj.] – dignified

Exhibit [verb] – show; display 

Among others [phrase] – to indicate there are more things like the ones mentioned but you intend not to mention them



What special activities and food do you have for these festivals?


(Answer 1)


As I said, we hold some dance performances, well actually traditional dance. But I don’t think I can describe the way we perform this traditional dance because the meaning of it will only be fathomed when it’s watched rather than explaining it in words. As for the food that we eat during the traditional festivals in our country, we have rice cake, roasted meat, well basically traditional foods.


(Answer 2)


As I mentioned, if it’s religious, we spend our time in a church – kneel down and say our prayers. Right after that, we light a candle to symbolize our gratitude for the gift of life. With regard to non-religious festivals, we just simply express our love of our country through holding some performances which I mentioned earlier.  And for the food, well, of course, traditional foods.




Fathom [verb] – comprehend 

Kneel down [phrasal verb] – to go down on both knees in front of something 

With regard to [phrase] – in respect of; regarding 



What is your favorite festival?


(Answer 1)


Without a doubt, the New Year Festival because it’s a symbol of a fresh start. Well, this isn’t religiously symbolic contrary to what I mentioned earlier but this is truly my favorite as I can start refocusing myself on working on achieving my goals and I normally get so inspired doing some new things.


(Answer 2)

It’s such a shame to admit this but I don’t have any. Well, I do celebrate all kinds of festivals in our country and I value them but I don’t consider one as my favorite. I dunno, I just treat all festivals the same way. 




Without a doubt [phrase] – without question; undoubtedly 

Contrary [adv as used in the answer] – oppositely

It’s such a shame [expression] – it is unfortunate



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Taking about festivals in your actual IELTS Speaking exam is not complicated at all. Make sure that you have some ideas about the festivals that you have in your country. That is needed so you can easily express your thoughts about it. You must have basic knowledge of the type of festival that you have in your country like a religious festival, film festival, beer festival, and the like.

Then, prepare some words or expressions that you can use to help you explain a festival or festivals with clarity that can surely make your examiner understand better. Best of luck and do not memorize the sample answers, instead, get ideas and practice saying them in your own words or create your own answers. You can do it!


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