IELTS Speaking Part 1 Hairstyles: Talking about the types of hairstyles in IELTS Speaking needs enough topic vocabulary in order to describe a particular hairstyle better. Below are the sample answers to the questions about hairstyles. Get some ideas and practice so you can achieve a band 7.0 or even get a band 9.0. Good luck!








Do you care about hairstyles?

(Answer 1) (For women)


Yes, I do, as you know our hair is our crowning glory, and it is very important to invest in styling our hair. As for me, my hairstyle is very dependent on the seasons. During wintertime, I go for a layered hairstyle, and for the other seasons, I love to have a bob cut. 



(Answer 2) (For men)


Yes definitely! I’m particular in choosing the right hairstyle that really suits me. My hairstyle should complement the shape of my face. I always choose quiff or pompadour as I look good on those hairstyles.


(Answer 3)


Well not much, whenever I go to a hair salon, I just let my hairdresser do the styling. I have so much trust in her that I give her the freedom to style my hair as long as it fits me well. 



Crowning glory [noun] – the best or outstanding feature

Invest [verb] – to spend money on styling one’s hair

Layered hairstyle [noun] – a type of hairstyle in which the hair is cut at different lengths to achieve layered impressions

Bob cut [noun] – the hair is cut straight around the head at about jaw-level  with a fringe at the front

Particular [adj.] – being great or specific

Complement [verb] – go with; harmonize

Pompadour [noun] – a type of undercut hairstyle for men that continues to have short sides and a long top; a large volume of hair is swept upwards in the front to create a pomp

Quiff [noun] – a type of hairstyle that is similar to pompadour but instead of the hair brushing back, the hair is done or brushed forward

Hairdresser [noun] – a person who cuts and styles someone’s hair



i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a direct positive answer and mentioned how important her hairstyle was. She mentioned some specific hairstyles and when she did have those. A very good way to show her topic vocabulary words to the examiner. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker also provided a positive answer and talked about what hairstyles were best for his face. He showcased his vocabulary knowledge by mentioning some specific terms of hairstyles. If you can use some topic vocabulary words, don’t hesitate to use some!


iii.) ANSWER 3: The speaker answered in a very easy and natural way. Giving his reason as to why he didn’t care much about hairstyles. He talked about his trust in his hairstylist. Easy, direct to the point, and spontaneous! 



Do you always have that kind of hairstyle?


(Answer 1)


No, every now and again, I change my hairstyle to have a different look. I think it’s so dull if I have the same hairstyle all year round. Having a new hairstyle is refreshing and at the same time liberating. 

(Answer 2)


Yes always and I’m content with this kind of hairstyle, it’s comfortable and fitting to my square-shaped face. To tell you the truth, I’m afraid of trying a new hairstyle as it may end up into a disaster. 




Every now and again [phrase] – occasionally

Dull [adj.] – boring

Refreshing [adj.] – creative; fresh; stimulating

Liberating [adj.] – getting out of a comfort zone

Content [adj.] – pleased; satisfied

Fitting [adj.] – suitable



i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a negative answer and explained why he/she needed to change his/her hairstyle every now and then. He/She ended his/her answer by stating how he/she felt every time he/she changed his/her hairstyle. Notice the expressions he used in his answer. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker provided a positive answer and explained how comfortable he was with having that kind of hairstyle. He then transitioned to talking about his feelings if he had a new hairstyle. It’s a very good way to extend his answer a bit. 



Do you go to a barbershop or hair salon? 


(Answer 1)


Oftentimes I have my haircut in a hair salon since there are various hairstylists in there who are really knowledgeable about styling my hair. They know what hairstyle is best for me, not only that, they have other services such as hair coloring, hair rebonding, and the like. They can suggest or give professional advice on how to make my hair look great. 


(Answer 2)

I’m a conventional type, so undeniably I visit a barbershop. As you know, that shop is way cheaper than a hair salon. The service is simple and direct and I like it! Honestly, there’s one barbershop that is just a stone’s throw away from my house, it’s pretty convenient that I needn’t commute. 




Oftentimes [adverb] – many times

Hair coloring [noun] – changing the color of one’s hair

Hair rebonding [noun] – a chemical treatment on one’s hair to make the curls straight

And the like [phrase] – the similar things; etc.

Conventional [adj.] – traditional

Undeniably [adv.] – that cannot be denied

Way cheaper [adj.] – another way to say ‘very cheap’

(A)  stone’s throw away [phrase] – very close





i.) The speaker chose a hair salon as his answer and elaborated his answer to make the examiner understand why he picked the second option. His elaboration made him extend his answer a bit longer. In Part 1, have 2-3 sentences as your answer to make it enough. Also, notice the topic vocabulary words he used. 


ii.) The speaker started his answer by describing who he was like ‘conventional type’, a creative way to begin answering the question. He provided two reasons as to why he chose the first option. Some good expressions in his answer could surely make his mark in Lexical Resource higher. 



Was there a time that you felt disappointed with your hairstyle? 

(Answer 1)

Fortunately not even once! God forbid that to happen. Whenever I need to have my hair cut, I only go to one hair salon since the hairstylists in there already know what hairstyle is best for me. And I can trust them in making me look good, though the service in that salon costs an arm and a leg compared to others, I wouldn’t gamble in cheap salons. 


(Answer 2)

Yes and that was so heartbreaking! I consider it a nightmare. I remember I wanted to have a fringe since it was so trendy during my high school days but what I got was a hair disaster. I got an uneven fringe and it was shorter than what I wanted. I believe, that hairdresser was unprofessional. 




Cost an arm and a leg [idiom] – very expensive

Fringe [noun] – bangs; a front part of a person’s hair cut in order to hang over the forehead

Hairdresser [noun] – hairstylist; a person who cuts and styles hair



i.) The speaker gave used a subjunctive mood (God forgive that to happen!) on his answer and that’s really good to get a good mark in Grammar. He provided a very clear explanation of his answer with some good expressions. 


ii.) The speaker provided a very natural answer recalling the time when he/she had a bad experience with a terrible hairstylist. He/she thoroughly described his/her disappointment from that experience. Notice the flow of the sentences and the vocabulary words he/she used.





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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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