IELTS Speaking Part 1 Wearing Jeans: Talking about jeans is never complicated at all, as long as you know how to use some topic vocabulary words when expressing your answer. Below are the sample answers to the questions of jeans. Learn some terms of jeans from this post and apply collocations when answering. Aim for band 9.0!











Do you wear jeans?

(Answer 1) (For women)


Yes definitely and my favorites are straight cut  and distressed jeans. They are very comfortable to wear. I wear straight jeans with a white blouse whenever I have some semi-casual events to attend to. And since I’m living in the countryside, I often wear distressed jeans with a cowboy hat and plaid western shirt.


(Answer 2) (For men)


Without a doubt, I love wearing jeans, to be specific, I’m into wearing skinny jeans. I really look taller on those pairs of jeans especially if my footwear is for running. Well, that’s my regular fashion.


(Answer 3) 

Yes I do! I just love wearing any types of jeans because they’re very comfortable and convenient. I can wear them in almost every occasion. Well, I think everybody loves wearing jeans!



Straight cut jeans [noun] – as the term implies; straight cutting from the bottom to the legs

Distressed jeans [noun] – also called ripped jeans; rips are all over

Plaid western shirt [noun] – a kind of shirt with patterns of bars and stripes of color that cross at right angles

Without a doubt [phrase] – indisputably

Skinny jeans [noun] – tight fitting jeans 

Footwear [noun] – outer coverings of feet such as shoes, sandals, or boots





i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker provided a positive answer then provided her favorite types of jeans. She then explained each type of jeans that she liked as to why she was more interested in wearing them. Based on her answer, she’s able to explain very clearly and provided some very good topic vocabulary words. Great answer!


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker used the expression ‘without a doubt’ as another way to say ‘yes’. He then explained why he wore a specific type of jeans and ended his answer by telling the examiner about his regular fashion style. Simple and direct to the point answer plus spontaneous. 

iii.) ANSWER 3: The speaker gave a direct positive answer, though, he didn’t use some topic vocabulary words, his being spontaneous is what made his answer great. This kind of answer is more focused on spontaneity rather than adding a couple of topic vocabulary words. Still a good answer!



How many times a week do you wear jeans?


(Answer 1)


Well only on weekends since we are prohibited to wear jeans at work. Most of the time we need to wear business attire because we have to meet clients every now and then. So I only have weekends to enjoy wearing jeans especially when I go out to buy some groceries or hang out with friends.

(Answer 2)


Actually, I wear jeans everyday, I’m fortunate that I work in a company that doesn’t require a specific dress code to employees. We’re given the freedom to wear anything we want as long as it’s presentable – no skimpy clothes or cargo shorts.




Business attire [noun] – formal wear

Every now and then [phrase] – sometimes but not regularly; every now and again

Hang-out [phrasal verb] – to spend time without doing something in particular

Dress code [noun] – set of rules requiring workers to wear a specific type of clothes when working

Skimpy (clothes) [adj.] – short and revealing

Cargo shorts [noun] – short pants with cargo pockets on the sides of the legs at thigh level





i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker answered ‘only on weekends’, instead of saying the conventional way which is ‘twice or thrice a week’. You don’t need to stick to the traditional way of answering, be more flexible or creative as it helps you sound more natural. Also, notice how the speaker extended his answer by talking about his type of work. In that way, he’s able to make his answer substantial. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker answered the question saying ‘everyday’ instead of saying ‘seven times a week’. Simple and direct answer! Also his reason focused on his job, that kind of reasoning can surely help him develop a better answer since he’s able to extend a bit more. 



Why do people wear jeans?

To be honest, I really don’t know why a lot of people are fanatic  of wearing jeans, but if I answer this question based on my personal experience, I suppose it’s because of convenience or comfortableness. Jeans can complement to any other kinds of shirts, so we don’t need to bother ourselves thinking on what type of shirt can go with jeans. 




Fanatic [noun] [adj.] – enthusiast; having so much interest of 

Complement [verb] – accompany; go with

Go with  [phrasal verb] – to be good or attractive in combination 





i.) The speaker provided a very honest answer. You don’t necessarily be correct or right when answering questions in IELTS Speaking, it’s alright if you don’t really know but you have to make sure to express your thoughts – use the language to communicate your thoughts even if you don’t really know the reason. 



Why do you think jeans are popular?


I suppose it’s because they can never be out-of-style. They can be worn in any season and they suit with almost all kinds of shirts. Besides, jeans are not one-dimensional – there are different styles such as loose, flare, high rise, bootcut, low rise, and many more that people can choose from depending on their preference. 



Out-of-style [adj.] – outdated

Suit [verb] – complement; go with

One-dimensional [adj.]  – boring; lack of different qualities

Preference [noun] – choice 




i.) The speaker wasn’t sure of the reason thus he used ‘I suppose’ to express his uncertainty. Then he provided an explanation to his reason plus he used some topic vocabulary words in order for his answer to be well-composed and at the same time rich in vocabulary. If you can provide topic vocabulary words, that is much better!  



Why do some people spend more money on jeans?


Honestly, I don’t exactly know the reason. Perhaps, some people are fashionable that they want to buy different kinds of jeans from time to time, as a result, they need to spend extravagantly. Or maybe some people care so much about the luxurious brands of jeans and that makes them spend a lot of money. 



From time to time [phrase] – occasionally

Extravagantly [adv.] – in an excessive way

Luxurious [adj.] – elegant; expensive




i.) The speaker was very honest and direct for telling the examiner his lack of knowledge about the question. Although he wasn’t sure about it, he was still able to answer the question spontaneously because he was able to think about the idea of being fashionable or being absorbed with brands. As much as possible, be more flexible and learn how to think quickly in order for you to develop a spontaneous answer.



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Meanings of Words and Phrases Sources: 1, 2


And that’s IELTS Speaking Part 1 Wearing Jeans recent topic! Now that you have some ideas on how to talk about jeans, develop your confidence in speaking and ace your exam!



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