IELTS Speaking Part 1 Jobs or Work has recently appeared in IELTS Speaking Exam. Learn how to talk about your work in a more interesting way by using some techniques. Make sure you can use some topic vocabulary words and collocation when talking about your occupation. This post will help you get ideas on how you develop your answers better. Study how the questions are answered and ace your exam!







What do you do?


Well, I work as an emergency nurse at Asan Medical Center here in Seoul. I have a very demanding job as I’m one of the very first nurses who respond to life-threatening situations. As much as possible, nurses who are in this field should be alert and can surely work under pressure as they need to save their patients from the possibility of long-term disability or worse death.




Demanding [adj] – challenging; requires much effort and skill

Life-threatening [adj.] – the possibility that the situation will kill a person

Alert [adj.] – quick, vigilant; watchful

Work under pressure [expression] – being able to perform the job well despite some stress factors



What is the most interesting thing about your work?


Well, the fact that I’m on the frontline to respond to medical emergencies is what makes my job fascinating and rewarding. When our team succeeds in saving the precious lives of our patients, our morale is boosted. Personally, I feel honored that I’ve contributed a huge difference in someone’s life, and because of that, I will never get tired of doing this.  




Frontline [noun] / [adj.] – refers to someone who has high skills or being proficient in one’s duties

Fascinating [adj.] – interesting

Rewarding [adj.] – fulfilling

Morale [muh-ral]  [noun] – confidence; self-esteem

Boost [verb] – improve



Do you want to find another job?

That never crossed my mind! It’s my passion to serve people, I believe I was born to give medical care to those people who need it. I’m more than grateful and happy with my work so I will continue working as a nurse until retirement, or even if I retire I will still give some professional help, especially to those people who are marginalized, if my body still allows me to work.





Cross your mind [phrase] – pass through one’s mind

More than grateful and happy [phrase]  – another way of saying very thankful and happy

Marginalized [adj.] – people who are given less importance by the society



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And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 Jobs or Work recent topic! Talking about a job is never rocket science. Just use some collocations to be able to sound more natural. Develop your confidence and ace your exam!


Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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