IELTS Speaking PART 1 Letters: Learn how to talk about letters, also known as, snail mails by reading the sample answers below. Study how the speaker answered each question about letters. This post will help you get ideas on how to make your answers better. 










Do you write letters?


To be honest, not much. Snail mails have been outdated because of the existence of electronic mails so I have shifted to sending emails. I only write letters when it has something to do with my job.



Snail mail [noun] – letter sends by post

Outdated [adj.] – old-fashioned

shift [verb] – change



Which do you prefer to write letters by hand or to use a computer?


Well, it’s a no-brainer to choose between the two. I prefer the latter since it’s much more convenient, knowing that I can make my writing more stylish by using some classy or casual fonts, not to mention making my sentences free from grammatical mistakes. Thanks to the auto-correct built-in application in MS Word or in emails.



No brainer [noun] – not complicated

(The) latter [adj.] – the second choice

Font [noun] – typeface of a certain style and size

Not to mention [phrase] – used to introduce another point



What do you usually write about?


Since I work in the Human Resource Department,  my emails are usually about invitations for a job interview, responses to job inquiries, requirements needed for newly-hired workers, and things like that. Also, I still write letters to my loved ones who live miles away from me during important occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or weddings, just wishing them to have a prosperous life.


Tip 1: Relate the question to your work as it is easy for you to answer the question, like that in sentence one.

Tip 2: Instead of using ‘live very far from me’, you can use ‘live miles away from me’. The first expression is just too plain and it doesn’t give a positive impact on the criterion, Lexical Resource.



How do you feel whenever you receive a letter?


Receiving letters such as congratulatory, love letters, or just wishing me good luck is really heartwarming. I dunno but the feeling is inexplicable, I feel that I’m really valued by the person who sends it to me. And I always appreciate their best effort in writing letters to me.




Congratulatory [adj.] – sending good wishes or praises for the achievement or success done

Heartwarming [adj.] – emotionally rewarding

Inexplicable [adj.] – cannot be explained

Do you think handwritten letters will still exist in the future?


I’m confident to say yes, for me, handwritten letters are a form of art. The handwriting of a person expresses emotion more than the font style in electronic mail. Each stroke of a person’s handwriting tells a story, much more if it’s a love letter. The world may be more advanced in the years to come than now, but, the advancement of technology will never make this special kind of art vanish.




Stroke [noun]  – a mark made by writing

Vanish [verb] – disappear


Tip: Instead of plainly saying, ‘in the future’, use ‘in the years to come’, it sounds better.


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And that’s IELTS Speaking Part 1 Letters! Isn’t it interesting talking about letters? With the use of collocations and topic vocabulary words the right way plus confidence, you surely get your desired score. 



Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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