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Who is your favorite movie star?


(Answer 1)


I’m a big fan of Angelina Jolie not only because she’s famous or a versatile actress but also she has a pure heart. I admire her efforts and her contribution to the United Nations being an ambassadress. She’s just incomparable! 



(Answer 2)

Well, it’s impossible to give you just one so let me categorize my choices. If we talk about comedy, no one beats Rowan Atkinson, he’s incredibly hilarious, talented, and entertaining with his clumsiness and quirkiness. And in terms of action and drama, I go for Hugh Jackman, he can actually exude different kinds of emotion in a more convincing way that surely move the movie goers. Not to mention he’s a good singer.




A big fan [expression] – admirer

Versatile [adj.] – flexible

Incomparable [adj.] – unmatched

Ambassadress [noun] – a woman who acts as a representative of a specified activity

Categorize [verb] – classify; group

Beat [verb] – defeat; win against

Incredibly [adv.] – to a great degree

Hilarious [adj.] – extremely amusing

In terms of [phrase] – with regard to

Exude [verb] – emanate; radiate

Not to mention [phrase] – in addition



i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker started his answer using a very good expression then mentioned his favorite movie star. Right after that, he gave specific reasons as to why he chose that star. Also he provided some really good topic vocabulary words. Take note, avoid saying, ‘My favorite movie star is…’, using that line won’t help you get a better mark in Lexical Resource. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker was so honest here and very natural. As he couldn’t choose just one, he gave two and classify his choices. Then he provided a direct explanation to every choice that he made. Brilliant answer!

Do you want to be an actor?


(Answer 1) 

That never crossed my mind! I was born not having any talent in acting, singing, or dancing. Besides, I value privacy, as you know, actors can’t get away with paparazzi most of the time who invade their personal life whenever and wherever they are. I just can’t imagine having that kind of life.


(Answer 2)


Well, I’m not closing doors on that idea, if there’s an opportunity for sure I’ll seize it. As far as I know, great actors can earn 7 to 8 figures or even more than that. If I become an actor I will give my all to be one of the greatest as I’ll be able to enjoy the benefits it brings. 



Never crossed (my) mind [expression] – not thinking about it

Privacy [noun] – being free from distraction; solitude

Get away [phrasal verb] – escape

Paparazzi [noun] – freelance photographers that captures photos of celebrities without permission

Invade [verb] – to get involved in someone’s personal life without permission

Not closing doors on [expression] – not to refuse

Seize [verb] – grab; take the opportunity

7 to 8 figures [expression] – refers to an amount of money in million




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker provided a direct answer by using a very good expression then transitioned to talking about his being untalented. Also, in order for him to extend his answer, he talked about the topic of privacy. It’s a very good and realistic answer coupled with great vocabulary words. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: Same as Answer 1, the speaker also used a very good expression to start his answer instead of just saying Yes or No. (If you can do this please do, don’t just say yes or no.) He then transitioned to giving the main reason as to why he wanted and that’s all about money. Notice what expressions he used in answering the question. Such a good one!



Have you ever met a celebrity in person? 


(Answer 1)


Never in my life yet, I don’t know, perhaps I’m just unlucky not to stumble on a celebrity. If I have the chance to meet one in real life, I hope it’ll be Tom Cruise. I think I’d be the happiest seeing him and maybe shaking hands with him.

(Answer 2)


Yes I have and it’s a local celebrity because I’m a member of a fan club. Every now and again, we members of the club gather together in certain places to exclusively meet our beloved celebrity. During some events, we have a great chance to handshake or hug our idol. I don’t know, the feeling of meeting the celebrity that  we idolize is just inexplicable. 




Stumble on [phrasal verb] – to meet someone by chance

Fan club [noun] – an organization of people who admire a famous person

Idol [noun] – a celebrity or famous person who are admired

Inexplicable [adj.] – cannot be explained



i.) ANSWER 1: Instead of saying ‘No, I haven’t’, the speaker introduced a negative expression that is direct and best to express his negative answer. Then to extend his answer, he uses the conditional tense to provide more details of his answer. The use of conditionals usually comes in handy.


ii.) ANSWER 2: Here the speaker simply said yes and explained thoroughly. He made the examiner fully understand by giving him a situation and what did they usually do when they had met their idol. This kind of answer makes the examiner visualize the situation. Great one!



Do we learn anything from celebrities?

Yes I believe so, great celebrities or those who can be  role models are teaching us indirectly to love our work, develop our talents, and to be kind to those who are in need. These kinds of celebrities are the ones we should look up to. On the other hand, we can also learn from those celebrities who are bad influence by letting us understand what their life is like and making us reflect not to follow them. Through them, we learn that we should do what is morally upright in order to be respected.




Role model [noun] – a person being admired or imitated

Look up to [phrasal verb] – have a great respect

Morally upright [noun] – morally right; showing good qualities that deserve respect


i.) The speaker answered with a complete affirmative answer. He categorized celebrities into two being good and bad influence. He first talked about what people could learn from great celebrities clearly, then transitioned to talking about those celebrities with unfavorable attitude or personality. Instead of just talking about the good ones, which most test takers do, he also talked about what lesson people could get from celebrities who don’t deserve to become role models. Through this, he’s able to show to the examiner that his English skills are good enough as he’s able to provide a clear argument to both types of celebrities.


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