IELTS Speaking Part 1 Museums: Below are the sample answers talking about Museums in the recent IELTS Speaking Part 1. Study how the speaker developed his answers by targeting the criteria in the IELTS Speaking exam strategically. Talking about visiting a museum in your actual exam is not complicated at all, just make sure you have good ideas and enough vocabulary to achieve your target band score or even get a band 9.0!







Do you think museums are important?


(Answer 1)


Yes, they are! Museums play an important role in educating the public about art, history, culture, science, among others. From an economic perspective, museums generate jobs and contribute to the growth of the local economy because of tourists. So, they are indeed indispensable in the community.


(Answer 2)


Absolutely! Because of the existence of museums, we get to widen our understanding of culture, history, and traditions. Also, museums will always have a role in educating the future generations, making them understand how their history was formed, and that’ll surely teach them to be appreciative of the life that they have. 




Among others [phrase] – used for saying that there are additional things or people that you could mention

Indispensable [adj.] – absolutely necessary


Are there many museums in your hometown?



(Answer 1)


Unfortunately not, my hometown is just so small with only less than 5, 000 residents. It’s a remote hometown where all you can see are farms, lakes, and mountains. So, if we want to visit museums we need to travel to the city which normally takes us 5 hours by car. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, there are plenty of museums in our hometown since it’s the center of tourism.  We have museums of art, science, military and war, history, and archaeology. Honestly, I’ve had enough of those museums, I mean, I visited all of those innumerable times for education purposes since I was little up to my college days. For me, they’re not special anymore. 


Remote [adj.] – faraway; far  off

Archaeology [noun] – the study of human history and prehistory


Do you often visit a museum?


(Answer 1)


No, it’s such a shame to admit but I’m not the type who enjoys strolling around museums. I know the importance of those museums but I feel like I easily get bored. I couldn’t stay for long learning those things that we can find in museums like artifacts. I’m sorry to say, I’m not entertained by museums. 

(Answer 2)


Well, just rarely these days but when I was a student, I oftentimes visited museums for the obvious reason – it’s for our history or art education class. We needed to visit lots of museums so we could expand our knowledge and appreciate art and history better. It was actually fun, learning some things that we couldn’t learn in the classroom. 




Stroll around [idiom] – to walk slowly and leisurely 

Artifact [noun] – an object made by humans, one of cultural or historical interest


When was the last time you visited a museum?


(Answer 1)

Well, let me recall, I suppose that was early last year before the imposition of lockdown. I went to an art museum with my friends to support our dearest friend who is an artist. His artworks were included in the art exhibition in that art museum and we dropped our jaws with awe at the amazing works of the artists who joined the exhibition. We’re so proud of our friend because he’s in line with those great artists. 


(Answer 2)


If my memory serves me right, the last time was when I traveled to Tokyo, I went to the National Art Center. I was mesmerized by its architecture. That was stunning. Also, I was surprised because it’s not a traditional museum, that museum is an empty museum – without collections or permanent display. That museum is for temporary exhibitions sponsored by organizations. 




Imposition [noun] – the process of imposing something like a law

In line with [phrase] – in alignment 

Mesmerize [verb] – to transfix; to capture one’s attention

Stunning [adj.] – extremely impressive








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