IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Activities: Talking about the different new activities that you would like to try in the IELTS Speaking exam is just easy. Think about the things that you would like trying and focus on those things so you can provide topic vocabulary words and collocations. Study and get ideas from the sample answers below and practice so you can achieve your target band score or even get a band 9.0










Do you like to try new activities? Why?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I do! Trying some new activities is really exciting as it tests my patience, courage, and strength. Doing so is a good opportunity for me to understand my ability better. Besides, learning

new activities is acquiring life lessons that will surely be very helpful for my personal growth.



(Answer 2)


Well, not much, I’m a person who oftentimes stays in my comfort zone. I understand that every now and then we need to do something new in our lives, so we can develop our skills, that are helpful in achieving career development or self-growth, however, I don’t always have the guts to try some new activities. I dunno, perhaps, I’m not just a risk-taker.




Test [verb] – challenge

Acquire [verb] – get; obtain

Personal growth [noun] – personal development; activities that improve one’s awareness of oneself

Comfort zone [noun] – a situation where one feels safe

Guts [noun] – bravery and determination



What activities would you like to try?


(Answer 1)


I want those activities that can really challenge me, for instance, in recreational activities, I want to try skydiving, parachuting, and hot air ballooning. These activities have been on my bucket list and I’ve been dreaming of doing these for so long. As for my career, I’d love to be involved in human resource training and development activities like mentoring or employee coaching. I really want to understand the behavior of employees and how to develop their skills better because honestly, I’ve dreamt of running my own business in the future.

(Answer 2)


Like I said earlier, I rarely try new activities, but whenever I’m in the mood of trying one or two, I usually go for activities that don’t stress me out but give me so much pleasure such as cooking a new dish, traveling to a new place, or visiting a new coffee shop. These kinds of activities give me comfort. Why would I try something new that freaks me out when I can try wonderful activities that can surely make me happy?




Recreational activity [noun] – outdoor activity undertaken for the purpose of exercising or pleasure

Bucket list [noun] – a list of things that a person would love to do before he dies

Run a business [expression] – to operate or manage a business

In the mood [idiom] – feeling a desire for something or to do something

Stress somebody out [phrasal verb] – to make someone feel very nervous or worried

Freak somebody out [phrasal verb] – to cause or become someone very emotional




What activities did you do when you were a child?



(Answer 1)


I was extremely active when I was a child so I was more into athletics, in fact, I was one of the leaders of a sports club during my elementary and high school days. I played several sports such as tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. I dunno, I think I was just crazy about sports then.



(Answer 2)


I was involved in extracurricular activities like the student newspaper, the art, the debate team, but what one activity that I loved the most was volunteer work and community service. I had an inexplicable feeling whenever our school conducted tree planting, beach cleaning, and visiting some poverty-stricken communities to hold a feeding program and provide health literacy, especially to less privileged kids. And because of that, I never missed any community service activities.



Be into [idiom] – to be interested in something

Be crazy about somebody/something [idiom] – to be very interested in something

Inexplicable [adj.] – unable to be explained

Poverty-stricken [adj.] – extremely poor



Do you like to try new activities alone or with friends?


(Answer 1)

Both are fine for me because each experience is completely different. I mean, if I do things on my own, I’ll be able to understand my capacity to do things and get things done. If I try new activities with my buddies, I’ll be able to learn the value of teamwork and normally it’s more fun. And this reminds me of an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.”


(Answer 2)


I prefer the former as I’m an introvert. I can easily do new things by myself as I can give my 100% concentration, however, when I try doing new activities with other people, even if they are my friends, I feel insignificant or inferior because I can’t fully express my ideas or opinions as I’m afraid that I may bother or offend them somehow.




Capacity [noun] – someone’s ability to do a particular thing

Buddy [noun] – close friends

Inferior [adj.] – minor; lesser

Somehow [adv.] – in some way



And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 New Activities recent topic! Now that you have more ideas on how to answer questions about new activities. Spend time developing your confidence so you can express your answers or ideas in a more confident way. Talking about new activities is never complicated at all as you can always relate the topic to some hobbies that you’re interested in trying or developing. Good luck and achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 7.0 in your actual IELTS Speaking exam!


Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: 1, 2


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