IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pets: Below are the sample answers talking about pets or animals. Learn how to develop better answers in order to achieve your target score. Talking about your favorite pet – may it be a dog or a cat or an unusual pet like a tarantula is never complicated, just make sure to know the animal’s characteristics so you can express your thoughts better. Get ideas on the sample answers below and practice to achieve your target band score. 









What’s your favorite animal? Why?


(Answer 1)


I love dogs as they’re the most loyal animal. They’re always there for you no matter what, and they’re the ones who lift your spirits up  (phrase: to cause someone to feel more cheerful) whenever you’re feeling down. No wonder  (phrase: it’s not surprising), a lot of people consider dogs their favorite. 


(Answer 2)


I love birds because I enjoy listening to their chirping  (to make a high pitch sound), especially early in the morning. I’m actually living in the countryside and our house is surrounded by different trees so every morning I hear them singing. It’s very relaxing and it makes me appreciate nature even more. 



What is the most popular animal in your country?


(Answer 1)


I think it’s the water buffalo because that’s our national animal. That animal symbolizes hard work. In the past, they were companions of farmers in tilling  (verb: to prepare and cultivate) the land since there weren’t tractors or any advanced farming equipment then. 


(Answer 2)


I’m not sure but I guess…dogs since they’re almost everyone’s favorite. Actually, most single people have their own pet dog in this country because you know they need a companion. Their pet dog will make them feel happy. 


Have you had a pet before?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I had a pet dog for more than 10 years. Her name was Taz. I had her when I was a primary schooler but sadly she succumbed  (verb: to die from) to an ovarian tumor when I was a college student. It broke my heart since we spent so much time – from primary school to college. After losing her, I decided not to have another pet dog. 


(Answer 2)


Sadly not, I wanted to have a pet when I was a child but our landlord (noun: a man who rents out a building) didn’t allow us to have any pets.  Now that I’m living on my own, I’m actually thinking of getting a pet. I’m torn between a dog and a cat. 


Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?


(Answer 1)


If I get another pet dog, of course, I will surely keep him indoors. Dogs are part of a family! They should stay inside and live with all the members of the family. 


(Answer 2)


I think, either? I mean, I don’t mind  (expression: It’s alright with me, It doesn’t bother me) if my pet dog or cat will live with me inside my house but as you know they’re animals they want to go out most of the time. So, it’s pretty fine for me if they choose to have their own pet house outside. 



Do you like to have a pet?


(Answer 1)

Yes, I do, however, I’m living in an apartment and our landlady doesn’t allow us to keep pets in our unit. She doesn’t want to hear noises from dogs or cats as they may disturb other occupants. Well, there’s nothing I can do but obey the rule.


(Answer 2)


Yes definitely! I’m an animal lover, in fact, I have different kinds of pets at home. I have two rabbits, two parrots, a poodle dog, and a Siamese cat. I don’t know but I have had a soft spot for animals ever since I was a child.


(Answer 3)


Well, keeping pets is not my cup of tea. I never dislike animals, it’s just that, I’m not into having pets. To have a pet like a dog is really costly, most especially when they are sick, sometimes the medication is much more expensive than humans when they get ill. And because of that, I’m afraid that I can’t afford to provide for the needs of my pet if I have one.





Landlady [noun] – a woman who owns or runs an apartment; inn

Occupants [noun] – resident; tenant

Keep (pet) [verb] – to own/have

Animal lover [noun] – a person who has affection or love for animals

Soft spot (for) [noun] – a strong liking for something or someone

Not my cup of tea [phrasal verb] – not interested in

Be into [phrasal verb] – be interested in




i.) FIRST ANSWER: The speaker gave an affirmative answer but transitioned to explaining why he couldn’t have a pet. He provided a clear explanation as to why he couldn’t have one and ended his answer by expressing his obedience to the rule.


ii.) SECOND  ANSWER: Here the speaker simply explained his positive answer to the question and enumerated some animals that he had at home. It’s a very good way to make his answer a bit longer.


iii.) THIRD  ANSWER: The speaker expressed his disinterest in having a pet because of the expenses that he needed when maintaining a pet. This is also a very good way to extend his answer. Brief but substantial!

Have you ever had a pet when you were young?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I had. I had a black and dappled labrador dog. He’s a very faithful and playful dog, I remember, every time I came back home from school, he always jumped on me and licked my face. Oh, I miss those days but I know he’s in dog heaven now.


(Answer 2)


Unfortunately not, since my mom is an asthmatic. As you know, the dander of animals can trigger an asthma attack. Well, I really wanted to keep a pet when I was little but I just couldn’t because of my mom’s condition.




Dappled [adj.] – marked with lighter spots

Labrador [noun] – a type of dog of retriever breed predominantly in black or gold color

Lick [verb] – pass the tongue over something

Dog heaven [expression] – a place where the souls of good dogs stay

Asthmatic [adj.] – a person who has asthma; a person who has a respiratory condition that causes difficulty in breathing

Dander [noun] – refers to protein in skin flakes, urine, feces, saliva, and hair of animals; these are small particles that are carried through the air and can land on the body part that comes into contact with people’s nose or mouth

Trigger [verb] – cause to happen




i.) FIRST  ANSWER: The speaker gave a positive answer then described his former dog. In order for the speaker to make his answer a bit longer, he recalled his wonderful memories with his dog. This is a very good way to add details to his answer making his answer not short. Observe how the speaker used some topic words in his answer.


ii.) SECOND ANSWER: The speaker expressed his negative answer in a way that he focused on the main reason why he didn’t have any pets. Notice how he used some good vocabulary words in his answer. When using some advanced vocabulary words, make sure that you know how to use them correctly.



What animals you would like to have as pets?


Well, like most people love having, dogs or cats! I love dogs as they are loyal and playful. Not to mention, they can serve as guards in our houses. Also, I want to keep cats because they’re independent and I enjoy listening to them when they purr.



Loyal [adj.] – faithful; true-hearted

Playful [adj.] – lively; jolly

Keep  [verb] – to own; have

Independent [adj.] – not dependent on something/someone

Purr [verb] – to make a low continuous vibratory sound





i.) The speaker simply provided the kinds of animals he would like to have and explained each of them why he’s interested in having them. Topic words were also used to better his reasoning. It’s simple but a well-explained answer.



What animals you wouldn’t want to have as pets?



Well, I can’t imagine myself having reptiles as pets. They’re just frightening! I always get goosebumps every time I see some snakes, iguanas, or chameleons. I can’t really comprehend why on Earth there are those people who want to keep these animals as pets. I feel like they’re out of their minds.



Reptiles [noun] – vertebrate animals and are distinguished by having dry scaly skin and typically laying soft-shelled eggs on land

Frightening [adj.] – making someone afraid

Goosebumps [noun] – a state of skin, in which small bumps appear on the surface as the hair becomes erect, this caused by fear, cold, or excitement

On Earth [phrase] – used for emphasis

Out of their mind [expression] – being silly or crazy




i.) The speaker started his answer in a different way by not immediately giving the names of animals that he wouldn’t want to have. He expressed his feeling toward reptiles and share his opinion about those people who made reptiles as their own pets. Don’t hesitate to give your own opinion, as it helps you sound natural!

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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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