IELTS Speaking Part 1 Reading: Study the sample answers below on reading. Understand how the answers are constructed by the speaker in a more strategic way to sound naturally conversational. Get ideas on this post and achieve your target band score or even hit a band 9.0 in your actual IELTS Speaking exam. 









Do you like reading?


(Answer 1)


It’s such a shame to admit this but I’m not into reading as it doesn’t entertain me at all. I know that I may sound dumb for those who are bookworms but reading doesn’t really work for me. I’d rather watch movies or work in the garden than spending time reading.


(Answer 2)


Yes, I do! I can’t imagine life without books. Reading doesn’t only make a person knowledgeable but also helps him develop his imaginative and creative thinking skills. I’m really glad and grateful for my parents because they did help me develop reading habits at a very young age.




Admit [verb] – confess 

Bookworm [noun] – refers to a person who loves reading 

Dumb [adj.] – stupid


Do you like to read at home or in other places?


(Answer 1)


As I’ve just said, I don’t have any interest in reading so neither of the two choices. However, when I was a student, I read mostly in schools. Well, for obvious the reason – it’s part of the curriculum.


(Answer 2)

Honestly, I can read anywhere as long as it’s quiet and there’s no distraction. I can read at a park, library, in my bedroom, a cafe, among others. So, you can always see a book or two in my bag wherever I go because reading is my way to kill time. I don’t have any social media accounts that most young people have these days as tools for entertainment, I only have books.




Curriculum [noun] – the subjects comprising a course of study

Among others [phrase] – to indicate that there are several more facts, things, or people like the ones mentioned 

Kill time [idiom] – to spend time doing something while one is waiting 



In what place or places, do you think it’s difficult to read?


(Answer 1) 


I suppose places where there are a lot of distractions such as restaurants, cafes, and even at home when there’s a lot of noise like a crying baby or a loud TV. But, I think it depends on the person as well because there are those readers who can still focus on reading despite distractions.


(Answer 2)


Well, I can only speak for myself since every reader is different. As for me, stations for buses or trains because those places are just unbearably noisy. I can’t imagine reading at a station, it must be awful. I wonder how some people can still read at a station, every now and then I see a couple of readers reading novels while waiting for the bus or train. It’s just unbelievable for me.




I suppose [expression] – another way of saying, I think

I can speak for myself [idiom] – to speak for one’s opinion as one’s own and not represent other’s opinion

Unbearably [adv.] – in a way that’s impossible to endure

Awful [adj.] – very unpleasant


Do you like to read by yourself or with other people?


(Answer 1)


Well, if I really need to read something, I prefer reading with other people like my friends or my loved ones so I won’t end up falling asleep. I guess it’s enjoyable to read something if you have someone with you who is also reading what you are reading.


(Answer 2)


Definitely on my own! I hate reading something with someone because I’ll only lose focus. It’s inevitable that I’ll be distracted in the middle of my reading. And if that happens, I’ll just lose my train of thought, as a result, I won’t be able to digest the book that I’m reading. 




End up [phrasal verb] – to reach or come to a place, condition, or state that was not planned or expected

Inevitable [adj.] – unavoidable 

In the middle [phrase] – in the process of doing something 

Lose one’s train of thought [idiom] – to forget what one was talking or thinking about

Digest [verb] – to read new information and take the necessary time to understand


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Make sure to prepare some topic vocabulary words about reading and prepare a type of book that you can talk about in your exam, so you’ll be able to express yourself more. That’s needed if you want to achieve a higher band score.


Talking about reading is never difficult at all, even if you are not into reading you still can answer questions about reading confidently and naturally. Just make sure to prepare in advance and learn the right expressions or topic vocabulary words to express your ideas well. Good luck!

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