IELTS Speaking Part 1 Running: 2020’s recent topic in IELTS Speaking Part 1. Below are the sample answers talking about running. This topic is not as hard as you think since running is one of the forms of exercise that most of us enjoy doing. 

Study the sample answers and learn how to develop your answers better. Apply techniques that are used in the sample answers and ace your exam! Achieve band 9.0!









Do you like running?


(Answer 1)

I have to admit I’m not into running, that’s not the kind of exercise that I do as I find it exhausting. I’m more fascinated in swimming since I love water activities. Well, I did try running in the past but I ended up having fatigue. 

(Answer 2)

Not much, I only run whenever my friends invite me. I don’t spend time running by myself because it’s not fun at all. Well, my friends and I run every spring time and indulge ourselves seeing the beauty of the park covered with exquisite flowers. 




Admit [verb] – acknowledge; confess

Be into [idiom] – be interested in

Exhausting [adj.] – very tired

Fascinated [adj.] – interested 

End up [phrasal verb] – to come to a place or condition

Fatigue [noun] – extreme tiredness

Indulge [verb] – allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something

Exquisite [adj.] – very beautiful; lovely





i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a negative answer but not saying the traditional ‘NO’, instead he used an expression that expressed negativity. Right after that, he gave his reason as to why he didn’t like running. Then, he transitioned to talking about swimming which is his favorite kind of exercise instead of running. That transition he did is a great way to extend his answer a bit more and that’s effective!

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a negative answer here as well but not an absolute negative. He explained that he only run whenever his friends ask him. Then he added another idea by talking about the season when they usually run and to make him sound like a natural English speaker, he equipped his answer with good descriptive words. It’s a great way to increase his mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource.


How often do you go for a run?

(These sample answers have no relation to the previous answers in the first question. Treat these answers as independent from the previous answers.)


(Answer 1)

As I’m usually busy because of work and filial duty, I can only run twice a month – not much! Yes, I know the amazing benefits of running but I just don’t have the luxury of time to do that kind of exercise. Although, I don’t run often, I still keep myself fit through walking. Actually, I walk to work everyday. 


(Answer 2)

Well, I run every weekend! It’s my favorite form of exercise as I don’t need to undergo training or buy any expensive equipment just to do this activity. I can actually do running on my own without relying on others. In fact, running is my way to maintain my health and  relieve my work-related stress. 




Filial duty [noun] – duty of a child to his parents

Luxury of time [expression] – to have plenty of time

Keep fit [idiom] – to stay in good physical condition

Undergo [verb] – go through; engage in

Equipment [noun] – the important items needed for a particular purpose

Rely [verb] – depend

Relieve [verb] – alleviate




i.) ANSWER 1: Here the speaker developed his answer by first talking about how busy his life was for some reason. Then right after that, he then talked about the frequency of how much running he did. And in order for him to stretch his answer a little bit more, he acknowledged the benefits of running and then talked about how he kept himself fit. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a direct answer stating that he oftentimes run. Then, he gave his explanation about running as his way of keeping himself healthy. Simple and direct answer! 


Where do you usually go running?


(Answer 1)

There’s one spectacular National Park near our residence which is my most favorite place to go for a run. I love that place because it is surrounded with massive trees that are covered with moss. Running there makes me feel like I’m in a movie like that of the Lord of the Rings. Actually, the park is packed with runners every summer. 


(Answer 2)

As I’m living in the metropolis where there’s no huge public parks, I still need to travel for about 30-40 minutes to reach an amazing park that is near a white sand beach. That’s where I enjoy spending my time running. The place is breathtaking that I don’t mind traveling for almost 40 minutes just to get there. 




Spectacular [adj.] – beautiful; eye-catching

Residence [noun] – home; a place where someone lives

Massive [adj.] – very big; huge

Moss [noun] – a very small, green or yellow plant that grows especially on wet earth, rock, etc.

Packed [adj.] – full of people or things

Metropolis [noun] – capital city

Breathtaking [adj.] – very beautiful; spectacular




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave his answer  immediately talking about the National Park. Then he explained his reason why he loved that place – he provided good descriptions of the place to make the examiner visualize the place. It’s a great way to express his answer clearly and at the same time makes him sound very natural. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: Here, the speaker informed the examiner about the place where he’s currently living in which there’s no good place to run. Right after that, he gave his answer to the question, and then stated how beautiful the place was. His answer is  more on a conversational one not a very common structure. Be more flexible with your sentence construction as it surely helps you get a better mark in Grammar and Accuracy. 


Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy?


Yes it is and I couldn’t underestimate the benefits of running! Running can surely help us build strong bones, strengthen muscles, maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, and many more. This is a kind of exercise that is easy to do and everyone can do without buying any special equipment. Sadly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!




Underestimate [verb] – estimated to be less important than it actually is

Cardiovascular [adj.] – relating to the heart and blood vessels

Cup of tea [idiom] – something that one likes



i.) The speaker gave a positive response to the question, then, cited the benefits of running. He enumerated the benefits of running and ended his answer by expressing his disappointment stating that not all people are interested in running. Since the question is asking about being healthy, the speaker mentioned the healthy benefits running can do. It’s a great answer to the question. 



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Anyway, that’s all about IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 RUNNING recent topic! Make sure to apply topic vocabulary words and collocations when talking about this topic – running. Good luck! 


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