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Is there any beautiful scenery in your hometown?


(Answer 1)

Yes there is but I don’t consider it as jaw-dropping or extra-ordinary scenery, it’s just a  typical view of the countryside. There are mountains and forests where hikers usually visit and there’s one big lake where people can enjoy fishing, especially in summer.

(Answer 2)

Sadly none, I was born and raised here in this city and all I can see is a concrete jungle and too many cars. That’s something I can’t take pride in living in this place. Although there are some public parks, still they are not as wonderful as the natural scenic views that can be seen in the countryside. 


(Answer 3)

Yes, not just one but several picturesque views! My hometown is located in the west where you can see white-sand beaches, magnificent landscapes with a lot of farm animals, and spectacular mountains. Actually, it’s considered as the ultimate destination by many tourists in summer. 




Jaw-dropping [adj.] – amazing

Extraordinary [adj.] – exceptional; amazing

Typical [adj.] – ordinary

Concrete jungle [noun] – a city or an urban area where you can see modern buildings and unpleasant environment

Take pride in [idiom] – to be proud of

Picturesque [adj.] – visually attractive

Magnificent [adj.] – impressive; beautiful

Ultimate [adj.] – being the best




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a positive answer to the question and expressed his opinion about views in his hometown stating that it’s just typical view of the countryside which he wasn’t so impressed. Then, he gave some examples of the views that people can see in his hometown and those were the mountains and rivers. With that kind of answer, he’s able to make the examiner imagine what kinds of scenery he had in his hometown since he provided good description. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a negative answer but not saying the traditional ‘NO’, instead he used an expression that expresses a negative response. Then, he talked about the place where he’s living which is the city and he described the typical view of that place. Right after that, he extended his answer a bit more by talking about some parks in his city but claiming that they weren’t as awesome as the views in the countryside. It’s a comprehensive answer that helps him provide a bit more of his answer. 


iii.) ANSWER 3: The speaker gave a positive answer and elaborated his answer by mentioning more than one amazing place in his hometown. That is one great way to extend his answer more. He then concluded his answer by giving a statement that his place is famous among tourists. 


Do you enjoy visiting places with beautiful views?


(Answer 1)

Yes I do! Who doesn’t? I  believe everyone of us loves to go to places that can take our breath away! Actually, I’ve been to many places and see countless spectacular views but for me the most memorable one was the Northern Lights in Norway. It’s just one of a kind! Indescribable! 

(Answer 2)

Yes definitely! Whenever I travel, I make sure to be close to nature as it’s therapeutic. Just looking at the tranquility of rivers, witnessing the sunset, the serenity of the mountains, among others, makes me feel rejuvenated. 




Take one’s breath away [phrase] – amaze, astound

Countless [adj.] – very many

One of a kind [phrase] – unique

Therapeutic [adj.] – healing 

Tranquility [noun] – peacefulness; calm

Rejuvenated [adj.] – renew; revitalize




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a positive answer with a rhetorical question, then, supported his answer by emphasizing the fact that everybody loved to see beautiful places. That makes his answer realistic and natural. And, in order for him not to give a very short answer he added an example of a place where he visited and briefly described it. It’s a good way to extend his answer! 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a positive answer and talked about how therapeutic to him visiting places with beautiful scenery. He then enumerated various views of the places where he loved visiting and how each of them affected him. With that answer, he used a good amount of topic vocabulary words. 


Do you like taking pictures of beautiful scenery?


(Answer 1)

Without a doubt! I love capturing landscapes, forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, to name a few. As a matter of fact, I put all of my excellent photos in a frame and place them on the wall in my house. It’s my perfect kind of travel souvenir – well good thing I have enough knowledge in photography that helps me take breathtaking photos. 


(Answer 2)

Yes I do but not very much like most travelers do. A couple of photos are enough for me, I really don’t want to keep on taking photos while I’m in a picture-perfect place as it spoils my purpose of visiting such a place. I make sure to enjoy the beauty of the place and learn something from it instead of taking countless photos. 




Without a doubt [phrase] – indisputably; cannot be questioned

Capture [verb] – take photos

To name a few [phrase] – to provide only a few examples

As  a matter of fact [phrase] – another way to say actually or in fact

Breathtaking [adj.] – wonderful 

A couple of [idiom] – two things; a few things 

Spoil [verb] – destroy the pleasure or interest of something




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker was very certain of his answer and gave a positive answer without saying the traditional YES. Then, he cited some subjects of his photography during his travels and how he treated those photos and ended his answer by crediting his skills in photography. A well-explained answer with a good amount of topic vocabulary words. 


ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a positive answer but emphasized on the fact that he didn’t usually take so many photos. He explained that taking too many photos was overwhelming that spoiled his purpose of visiting the place. It’s a good answer as he expressed his reason very directly and clearly. 


Do you like staying in hotels with beautiful views?


(Answer 1)

Absolutely,  but I cannot deny the fact that those kinds of hotels usually cost an arm and a leg. Hotels with wonderful views are a perfect place to relax however always at a price! Nevertheless, they’re still always at the top of the list when I choose hotels for my vacation.


(Answer 2)

Yes I do and I believe all of us want to stay in those kinds of hotels! Although the price is usually more expensive than the ordinary ones, still I like staying in a hotel where I can see a spectacular view of a beach or a mountain as it helps me de-stress. 




Cost an arm and a leg [idiom] – very expensive

At a price [phrase] – very expensive

Nevertheless [adv.] – in spite of that; however

At the top of the list [phrase] – of great importance

De-stress [verb] – relax 




i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a positive answer not using the traditional YES, then expressed his thoughts about how expensive those hotels with beautiful views. Right after that, he transitioned to talking about his choice of staying in those hotels despite the expensive price of those kinds of hotels. It’s an honest answer and it’s equipped with good expressions. 

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a positive answer and explained that everybody wanted to stay in hotels with amazing views. He expressed that it’s human nature to choose those kinds of hotels. Then, he stated his opinion as to why he liked staying in those hotels. Simple answer yet smoothly expressed!


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