IELTS Speaking Part 1 Special Costumes: Study the sample answers below talking about wearing some special costumes. Learn how the speaker developed his answers to every question. Observe how he used topic vocabulary and collocations in his answers. 

Talking about a special costume in your exam is not difficult at all. However, in order to achieve your target band score, you need to be strategic when answering questions. Practice so you can achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0.






ielts speaking part 1 special costumes answers

A lovely Chinese woman in her beautiful special costume. ©Alex Shaw




Do you like to wear special costumes?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I do but of course not on ordinary days. It would be silly if I wore a special costume without any occasion or event. I usually wear a costume during the Halloween season because I attend some Halloween parties. It’s the best time to showcase my creativity by wearing a costume.


(Answer 2)


Not at all. I find it bothersome and that’s the reason why I always miss attending Halloween parties or any parties or events that require people to wear some sort of costumes. I dunno, I just don’t like the idea of wearing special costumes. 




Silly [adj.] – foolish 

Showcase [verb] – display

Bothersome [adj.] – annoying

Sort [noun] – type



Did you try any special costumes when you were young?


(Answer 1)


Definitely, especially in schools. In this country, all schools celebrate the United Nations month every October, and students are required to wear a special costume of a country that represents the country’s culture or identity. So, when I was a student, I wore several costumes from countries like Japan, China, and some Western countries. That was incredibly fun!


(Answer 2)


Yes, when I was a kid I was fond of wearing some special costumes like those costumes from Disney characters and Marvel superheroes. As you know, children love those stuff,  I admit I did enjoy wearing some of those costumes back in the day. However, when I became a teenager, I started to lose interest in any kind of special costume because like I said, wearing one is just a pain in the neck. 




Incredibly [adv.] – extremely 

Stuff [noun] – things 

Back in the day [phrase] – in the past 

A pain in the neck [idiom] – something or someone that is annoying



When was the last time you wore special costumes?


(Answer 1)


Let me recall, oh well, that was before the pandemic. I attended a Hawaiian-themed birthday party for my closest friend. I wore a polo with huge floral prints, khaki shorts, and a garland around my neck. I was glad that I really attended that party because after that, the news about the pandemic broke. That was the last social gathering I was able to attend without any worries.

(Answer 2)


That was a long time ago when I celebrated my 10th birthday. I put on a Spiderman costume because at that time I was crazy about Spiderman like I imagined myself being a superhero after being heavily influenced by reading Marvel comics. Remembering those days now makes me miss my childhood. 




Garland [noun] – a wreath of flowers or leaves worn on the head or around one’s neck

Crazy about something [phrase] – to be very interested


Do you ever buy special costumes?


(Answer 1)


Rarely, I usually create my own costume if I attend a Halloween party or any other events because I want to express my own creativity. However, if I’m under a time constraint, I’m left with no choice but to buy a special costume.


(Answer 2)

It’s been more than ten years now since the last time I wore a special costume, so I can say that never in my life have I bought a costume. Although I wore some special costumes when I was little, it was my parents’ money that was spent on those costumes. I’ve never had any experience spending my own money on costumes.




Time constraint [expression] – not having a lot of time to do something 

Leave someone with no choice [phrase] – to make it necessary for someone to do something 



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This recent topic, a special costume, is relatable since all of us have experienced wearing one or two special costumes some time in our life. Just simply talk about your experience of donning yourself with such costumes. This shouldn’t be hard, what you just need to do is practice and prepare some topic vocabulary and collocations that will help you express your answers better.. Good luck! 


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