IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sports: Study the sample answers to the questions about sports. Learn how the speaker answered each question in a natural and conversational way. Observe how he used topic words and collocations in his answers that helped him express himself better. 







Do you like watching sports programs on TV?


(Answer 1)


Definitely! I love watching basketball and soccer on TV with my dad. My dad and I have established a very good relationship because of our interest in sports and that’s something I’m so happy about. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, I do, however, I prefer watching sports live because it’s more fun. I can cheer my favorite team on, I can interact with other sports fans and the lively energy of the crowd is so infectious (capable of spreading rapidly to others). The feeling of watching sports live is really inexplicable (cannot be explained)


Do you like to watch live sports games?


(Answer 1)


Yes, who doesn’t like to? Although I’m happy to watch sports programs on TV, watching sports live is truly incomparable. The last time I watched soccer live was three years ago. I was cheering on (to support or encourage) my favorite soccer team and that was the last sports event I went to since the news about the pandemic broke. 


(Answer 2)


Of course! As I said earlier, I prefer watching sports live more than watching them on TV. Actually, I’m very happy these days since little by little life is getting back to normal. We can now go to a sports event without worrying too much about the coronavirus. It’s a big relief (comfort) for us sports fanatics (extremely enthusiastic fans of sports)


Who do you like to watch sports games with?


(Answer 1)


Well, no one else but my dad! When dad and I watch sports either on TV or in a sports stadium, we’re just too noisy. We easily get carried away (to be so excited that one cannot control his behavior) by our emotions and we just love it!


(Answer 2)


I love watching sports with my closest friends because we both share an interest in sports. I would love to do it with my family but I’m the only one at home who’s really into (be very interested) sports. They can’t vibe (be in harmony) with me so normally when I attend a sports event, I’ll always go out with my buddies (closest friends)


What kinds of games do you expect to watch in the future?


(Answer 1)


Well, I’ll still be watching basketball and soccer. These are my favorites because they’re too exciting to watch. Anyway, lately, I’ve been starting to watch tennis and I  find it (used to describe opinions or feelings that you have) interesting as well. So, I guess I’ll watch it more often in the future. 


(Answer 2)


I’m actually a big fan of baseball, soccer, and basketball so for sure I’ll expect to watch more matches of these sports in the future. Recently, I’ve developed an interest in boxing so I believe I’ll watch more boxing matches in the future. Watching boxing has a different kind of effect on me and I love it. 



What sports did you play when you were a child?


( Answer 1 – For both men & women)


Well, I was only into swimming because I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps of being a professional swimmer. He’s the one who trained me on how to swim well. I remember every weekend we usually spent our time at an aquatic center just enjoying swimming and I was taught some helpful swimming techniques like proper breathing, safety, styles of swimming, and many more. 


(Answer 2) 


I played table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I was very active when I was a kid, in fact, I joined several team sports competitions that helped me boost my confidence and expanded my social circles. I wish I could be as active as I was, sadly, I’m just too preoccupied with so many work-related tasks these days. 




Follow in one’s footsteps [idiom] – to do something as someone else did 

Aquatic center [noun] – a community facility that consists of swimming pools 

Social circles [noun] – a group of people who are connected



Do you like playing sports?


(If the answer is positive)

Yes absolutely, playing sports is my first love, I can’t imagine my life without sports. I’ve been sporty since I was five – I love tennis, badminton, and soccer. Actually, at a very young age, I was able to compete in both minor and major tennis tournaments, though these days I don’t compete, still, I consider myself a pro.


(If the answer is negative)

Unfortunately not, my life has been busier than ever before because of my work. I’ve been wanting to start playing any sports but every time I have the luxury of time, I just want it to be spent on sleeping or traveling for me to relieve all the stress that I have which is mainly caused by overworking.




Absolutely [adv.] – completely; fully; totally

Sporty [adj.] – refers to a person who enjoys sports

Pro [noun]; [adj.] – professional

Unfortunately [adv.] – sadly; unluckily

The luxury of time [expression] – to have so much time



i.) FIRST ANSWER – The speaker used the expression ‘Absolutely’ which gives so much emphasis on his love of playing sports. Instead of just saying ‘Yes’ adding the expression ‘absolutely’ makes his answer not boring.

– The speaker used some good expressions here such as: ‘My first love’ → We use this expression to say that we are fond of something or someone.

-‘I can’t imagine (life without …)’ → We use this expression to say how good or bad something is.



ii.) SECOND ANSWER – The speaker simply mentioned his reason as to why he was not interested in playing sports. He talked about his job and his wish of playing a sport. This is a very good way to add something to his answer so that it won’t make his answer just so short.



Do you watch sports live or on TV?


(Answer 1)


Neither, I’m not a fan of watching sports both live and on TV. I can’t stand watching sports on TV for hours and hours and watching it live is just time-consuming. Well, I do play some sports as it’s my way of keeping myself fit, but, watching sports is not my cup of tea. 


(Answer 2)


Both, I enjoy watching sports like basketball, soccer, tennis either live or on TV. But honestly, it’s more fun to watch those sports live because I feel like I’m part of the game – like I can cheer or shout, I can see the entire happening, and I can talk with other fans and establish rapport. It’s completely different from just watching it on TV. The feeling is just inexplicable!




Keep fit [idiom] – to be strong and healthy

 Cup of tea [idiom] – to like something 

Rapport [noun] – a harmonious relationship

Inexplicable [adj.] – cannot be explained 



Do you prefer individual sports or team sports?


(If the answer is individual sports)

I prefer the former because I can concentrate more on playing. Also, I can fully apply my strategies on how to beat my opponent. But you know, playing sports is not all about winning or competing, I just like doing individual sports as it teaches me the value of self-discipline and self-reliance.


(If the answer is team sports)

Without a doubt, I’m into team sports because I value teamwork. I consider myself a people person so playing sports with others such as soccer, basketball, or rugby gives me so much joy. I like the fact that I can build genuine camaraderie with my teammates.




(the) Former [adj.] – having previously mentioned

(the) Latter [adj.] – the second mentioned

Beat [verb] – defeat; to lose

Opponent [noun] – rival

Self-discipline [noun] – self-control

Self-reliance [noun] – independence

Without a doubt [phrase] – used to emphasize that something is true

I’m into [expression] – to be interested in something

People person [noun] – a person who enjoys the company of other people; a person who’s good at interacting with others

Camaraderie [noun] – friendship; mutual trust





– The speaker uses the expression the former instead of mentioning the first choice given by the examiner. This is another way to answer that kind of question.

-The speaker did not only give his reason why he chose the first choice but also talked about his realization when playing individual sports.



– The speaker used the expression ‘Without a doubt…’ to give emphasis to his answer. Then he enumerated some team sports to support his answer better and finally shared the one important lesson he learned in playing sports.


What sports are popular in your country?


I suppose there aren’t many sports that are well-known in my country, I believe it’s only football that is really famous. That’s simply because, people in my country are very supportive of our national football team that every time they get into the World Cup, they can’t help themselves but become boisterous.



I suppose – another way to say ‘I think’

Well-known [adj.] – famous

Get into [phrasal verb] – be accepted

Boisterous [adj.] – lively; energetic



i.) The speaker provided his answer in a very direct way, as he believed that there weren’t many sports he only talked about one sport. As the question is asking about more than one sport, his introduction saved him from only talking about one sport. If he didn’t do that and he only gave one sport, it meant that he didn’t completely understand the question. Always be careful with the question – listen attentively!

Who is your favorite athlete?


Well, to be honest, no one in particular. Yes, I love sports but there’s no specific sports star that I am really crazy about. I don’t idolize one, however, I have so much respect for those amazing athletes who bring honor to their country.



In particular [phrase] – specific

Crazy about [idiom] – to be very interested in something

Idolize [verb] – admire or love greatly

Honor [noun] – great respect



i.) The speaker was being honest about his answer and this made him sound so natural. When asked about ‘favorites’, don’t force yourself to give one if there is none. Be honest and explain your answer. What the speaker did here was really good!

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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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