IELTS Speaking Part 1 TEA and COFFEE: Here are the sample answers and ways on how to talk about tea and coffee in a more organized way. Equip your answers with topic vocabulary words and collocations and speak confidently and naturally. Achieve band 9.0!






Do people in your country like to drink coffee or tea?


(if TEA)

Well that’s no-brainer, people in my country enjoy drinking tea and that’s because of our tea culture. Back in the days, our ancestors considered tea as the most important beverage more than water. If you roam around this city, you can find a lot of tea shops and cafes that serve refreshing tea and if you happen to visit some places in the countryside you can see some tea plantation.


Definitely coffee, simply because we do have a lot of farms for coffee in this tropical country. As you know, best coffee plants grow in places where there’s much sunshine. We have plenty of them and we do drink coffee as much as we drink water.



No-brainer [noun] – something that is so simple that don’t need much time to think

Ancestor [noun] – is any person from whom one is descended

Beverage [noun] – a drink

Roam [verb] – to wander; to walk aimlessly

Tropical country [noun] – countries with so much sunshine




i.) FIRST ANSWER: The speaker talked about the culture that his country has and then added details regarding how rampant the tea in his country. That reasoning surely supports his answer as to why people in his country prefer tea over coffee. When you answer questions in Part 1, always add supplemental details. Take note, the speaker used some good expressions or words.

ii.) SECOND ANSWER: The speaker made the examiner understand why in his country coffee is more popular than tea. He gave the examiner an idea on how his people treated coffee as water. This surely best explained his answer.


Which do you prefer drinking tea or coffee?


(if TEA)

Of course tea! I couldn’t imagine life without tea, it must be dull. Drinking tea is one important part of my daily routine and I cannot emphasize more the benefits it brings to my body. Every time I drink tea, I feel so refreshed and I don’t feel bloated after eating.


Well I love coffee and it’s my first love! Without it, I couldn’t work efficiently most especially when I need to burn the midnight oil. To be honest, I consider myself as a coffee expert, I can easily distinguish which one is best and which one is not.




(I) couldn’t imagine [expression] – used to emphasize how good or bad something is

Dull [adj.] – boring

Emphasize [verb] – to give importance; to highlight

Bloated [adj.]  – swollen with fluid or gas

My first love [expression] – the main thing one is passionate about

Efficiently [adv.] – in a way that is organized and competent

Burn the midnight oil [phrase] – to read, study, work late into the night

Distinguish [verb] – to recognize




i.) FIRST ANSWER: The speaker naturally answered using the expression ‘Of course!’ You can use this on this part but avoid using it in Part 3 as you need to provide formal expressions. There are some good expressions used by the examiner that surely boost his mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource.


ii.) SECOND ANSWER: The speaker didn’t provide a typical answer by using the expression, ‘I prefer…’ instead he started his answer by acknowledging his love for coffee. While it is alright to say ‘I prefer..’, it would be great if you could utter some expressions that are not very common. This is to show that your vocabulary knowledge is not limited and to show confidence to the examiner in speaking English.

Which do you prepare for your guests at home, tea or coffee?


Well that surely depends – if my visitors are not those whom I know very well, I usually ask them about their preference.  However, if my guests are my closest friends, I automatically offer them coffee since all of them are coffeeholics.




Preference [noun] – liking; taste; choice

Automatically [adv.] – spontaneously; without conscious thought or attention

Coffeeholic [noun] [informal] – refers to a person who is addicted to coffee



i.) The speaker answered in a more natural or realistic way. There’s no one answer that fits all on this question – it does depend on the choice of the guests of whether they like coffee or tea. The speaker was able to explain his answer logically.



When was the last time you drank coffee / tea?



It’s funny to say that I’ve just drunk a cup of espresso a few minutes ago, in order for me to be energized and to keep myself at ease while taking this exam. To be honest, whenever I’m in a demanding situation, I make sure to drink a cup of coffee to make me feel calm.

(if TEA)

Well just this morning, right after I had my breakfast. I make it a habit to always drink a cup of tea in order for me to improve my mood all throughout the day, most especially in the morning. Actually, I only drink tea once a day.




Espresso [noun] – strong black coffee

At ease [phrase] – relaxed; calm

Demanding (situation) [adj.] – challenging; requiring so much skill or effort

Make a habit [phrase] [expression] – to do something regularly

Mood [noun] – a temporary state of mind or feeling

All throughout [prep.] – during the whole period




i.) FIRST ANSWER: The speaker delivered a very honest answer to the examiner – explaining the last time he drank coffee then talked about the importance of drinking coffee on the day of his exam. Then he transitioned by giving a general thought about drinking coffee.

ii.) SECOND ANSWER: The speaker just simply answered what was being asked, then, added some ideas about how drinking tea affected his mood. This is how you can make your answer better and not short. Take note of some collocations he used.


IELTS Speaking Part 1 Tea and Coffee is one of the recent topics in IELTS Speaking exam. Prepare this topic – get ideas and practice using collocations with confidence. You can surely ace your exam!

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Meanings of Words and Phrases Sources: 1, 2


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