IELTS Speaking Part 1 The Sky: Study the sample answers below talking about the sky and the stars. Study this post and get ideas so you can surely express your thoughts clearly. Practice and be natural when expressing your ideas about the sky and the stars. Good luck and aim for a band 9.0!








ielts speaking part 1 topic about the sky and the stars

The Sky and stars beautifully captured by Daric Beyer



Do you like to look at the sky?


(Answer 1)


Yes! Who doesn’t want to?  Anyway, I love the autumn sky as it gives me peace of mind. So, I never miss going outside during autumn as it’s one of the best seasons of the year. Also, one of my dreams is to witness the aurora borealis in Norway. I think I can die right after watching it. 


(Answer 2)


Definitely! The beauty of the sky should be appreciated as it’s one of the best gifts of nature that people can enjoy. Honestly, I feel sorry for some people who are stuck at home playing mobile or computer games and don’t make any effort to pause and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the sky.



Peace of mind [expression] – a mental state of calmness

Magnificent [adj.] – extremely beautiful




How often do you look at the sky?


That’s an interesting question! To be honest, that has never crossed my mind, I can’t even remember the last time I looked at the sky. My time is always occupied by my busy schedule at home like doing house chores and raising my kids and at work, I am much busier – meeting clients and training some workers. It’s a pity that I haven’t stopped for some time and enjoyed the beauty of the sky.




Cross (one’s) mind [idiom] – to occur suddenly; to be thought of

(My time is always) occupied (verb) – to be filled with a lot of things to do

It’s a pity [expression] – feeling sorry or disappointed about something



Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?


(Answer 1)


I’ve never spent time looking at and appreciating the beauty of the sky these days, but if I were to choose, I would prefer to see the sky during nighttime as it’s magical – I can witness the amazing glimmer of the stars and the endearing and calming view of the moon that reflects on rivers or seas. I can imagine how spectacular it is!


(Answer 2)


I don’t think I can choose one over the other. They are incomparable as each has its own beauty to love. I love the clear blue sky during the day and the tranquility of the sky during the night. 



Appreciate [verb] – to show admiration

Magical [adj.] – beautiful; delightful; resembling magic

Glimmer [noun] – twinkle; glow; shimmer

Endearing [adj.] – lovable; appealing

Spectacular [adj.] – beautiful; eye-catching

Incomparable [adj.] – matchless; beyond compare 

Tranquility [noun] – peace; calm




Can you see the moon and the stars at night where you live? / Is there a good place to look at the sky in the place where you live?


(Answer 1)


Unfortunately not, as I’m living in a metropolis, the sky is always hazy during the day and at night. That is simply because of pollution. There are too many cars and factories that emit carbon dioxide and other gases that pollute the air, as a result, there’s nothing beautiful to look at above.


(Answer 2)


I’m living in the suburbs and the air pollution isn’t that bad compared to the main city. So, from where I’m living, you can surely see a clear blue sky during the day that can make you feel inspired and witness the twinkling of stars during the night that can make you appreciate nature even more.




Metropolis [noun] – chief city

Hazy [adj.] – cloudy; smoggy

Obstruct [verb] – block

Twinkling [adj.] – shining sporadically from bright to faint



Do you like to see the stars at night?


(Answer 1)


Absolutely! I find it romantic to see stars lighting up the sky, especially when the moon is reflected on the river or lake while hearing the noise of crickets. That’s what I always feel in my hometown during a full moon. How I wish I could experience that here in this city.



(Answer 2)


Of course! But sadly, that’s impossible for us city dwellers. We can never see a beautiful night sky even if the weather is good because obviously, air pollution is prevalent in big cities.




Light up [phrasal verb] – brighten

City dweller [noun] – a resident of a city 

Prevalent [adj.] – widespread


Do you want to live on other planets?


(Answer 1)


That’s hilarious! But well, if living on other planets becomes a possibility, then I will give it a shot. I think it’ll be a very different kind of life living on Mars or on other planets. 



(Answer 2)


No, I just can’t imagine life living on a different planet. But if that’s the last option available to people, especially when the Earth is on the brink of disaster, then I don’t have any choice but to embrace the reality of living on a different planet. 




Hilarious [adj.] – very amusing 

Give it a shot [idiom] – to try something 

On the brink of disaster [idiom] – a point very close to complete destruction

Embrace [verb] – accept willingly



Which parts of your country are the best places to look at the moon and the stars at night?


I suppose all rural areas in my country are the best places to enjoy looking at the moon and the stars at night as those places have usually clear skies. As I said, metropolitan areas are polluted, it’s always impossible to see the moon and the stars.

And that I think is the main reason why I’ve never thought of stopping and spending time looking at the sky since there’s nothing to see in the place where I’m currently living.




Metropolitan area [noun] – another term for metropolis

Polluted [adj.] – contained harmful and poisonous substances






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And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 The Sky recent topic! Talking about the sky is something that we never do in our daily lives so make sure to prepare this topic, and gather some topic vocabulary as it can surely help you express your ideas clearly. Good luck and ace your exam!


Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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