IELTS Speaking Part 1 Travel and Holiday: Below are the sample answers talking about travel or holiday. This is a very common topic in IELTS and for sure not difficult to talk about since traveling is what most people enjoy doing. Get ideas on this post and learn how the speaker expressed his answers to every travel question. Good luck and aim for a band 9.0!







ielts speaking part 1 travel and holidays

A happy family traveling and enjoying their holiday at the beach. ©Natalya Zaritskaya




What kinds of places do you like to visit on a holiday?

Well, as I’m a nature lover person, I enjoy visiting mountains and do hiking with my friends. Also, I often go to hot springs to detoxify myself every now and then, except summertime, since I do love spending my summer at the beach.




Detoxify [verb] – to remove toxins from the body

Every now and then [phrase] – from time to time; occasionally


Tip: The speaker talks about his character which is “nature lover” before giving his answer. This a good way to develop an interesting answer and to talk about that in length.



Who would you like to go on holiday with?


Without a doubt, my family –  my wife and my two lovely sons! They’re the biggest part of my life that there’s no instance that I would not miss them all. Whenever I have that burning desire to travel, my family should always with me, I do want to make valuable and happy memories with all of them.




Without a doubt [phrase] – indisputably; no hesitation; something is true

Burning desire [expression] – if you have the burning desire you are eager or more interested in doing something

Where do you plan to go for your next holiday?


Recently, I’m considering Norway, as I really want to witness the spectacular Northern Lights. That’s actually on our bucket list, and I wouldn’t mind if it costs me an arm and a leg since it’s been a dream for me and my wife.




Spectacular [adj.] – amazing; captivating

Bucket list [noun] – a number of achievements or experiences that a person hopes to achieve during their lifetime

Cost an arm and a leg [idiom] – very expensive


Which do you prefer a local trip or an international trip?


Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that as I enjoy both of them. Maybe, if time is one of our bases here, I would go for a local trip when I don’t have the luxury of time, let’s say I only have a week or less than a week, however, if it’s more than that, I would surely go abroad without a second thought.



Bases [noun] [plural of basis] – consideration

The luxury of time [expression] – to have so much time

Without a second thought [phrase] – without thinking about it

Note: The speaker is being so honest in his direct reply when he hears the question and this sounds really natural which is very good in IELTS Speaking part 1. Examinees should make sure that they are natural in expressing their thoughts. They have to avoid sounding mechanical.


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And that’s all about the recent topic for IELTS Speaking Part 1 Travel & Holiday! Now that you have plenty of ideas on how to talk about Travel and Holidays, make sure to practice and collect more topic vocabulary so you can surely express your ideas better. Isn’t it a piece of cake? Good luck!



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