IELTS Speaking Part 1 Trees: Study the sample answers below talking about planting trees.  Understand how each answer is constructed by the speaker in a more strategic way to sound natural. Get ideas from the sample answers and learn the vocabulary about trees so you can achieve your target band score or even get a band 9.0 in your actual IELTS Speaking exam. 










Have you ever planted trees?


(Answer 1)


I’m ashamed to admit this – unfortunately no. I was born and raised in a big city where everything is surrounded by buildings, I’ve been living in a condo since birth. Apparently, we don’t have any space to plant anything. Although I learned the importance of planting trees in school, sadly, I never got the chance to plant one in our school.


(Answer 2)


Yes, I’ve got plenty of opportunities to plant trees since my hometown is mostly agricultural. Besides, when I was a student, our teacher taught us the importance of planting, not just trees, but all kinds of plants. I remember my science teachers always reminded us to plant so we could conserve Mother Earth. 




Admit [verb] – acknowledge; confess

Condo [noun] – condominium 

Conserve [verb] – protect from destruction



Do you like planting trees? Why?


(Answer 1)


Although I haven’t tried experiencing planting trees, I love the idea of planting simply because it’s one of the best ways to improve the condition of our environment. Honestly, I support those environmental organizations who are protecting our Mother Earth, I’ve donated some money to support their advocacy. Well, that’s just one of my ways of protecting the environment since I don’t have any chance to plant trees.


(Answer 2)


Planting trees is one of my obligations as a citizen in this country and I love it. Like I’ve just said, I come from the countryside where all I see is a spectacular view of nature, it’s no wonder for the people who know me, why I’m passionate about planting. 




Advocacy [noun] – a public support for an idea, plan, or a way of doing something

Spectacular [adj.] – beautiful; breathtaking 

No wonder [phrase] – it is not surprising



What kinds of trees do you plant?

(Answer 1)


If I have a chance to experience planting trees, I want to plant fruit-bearing trees such as coconut, mango, apple, and the like. I want those kinds of trees simply because they can provide food for us. It’s always my dream to live in a place where I can produce my own food, one day in the future, I’ll be able to make that a reality.


(Answer 2)


Well, I planted deciduous trees such as oak trees and maple trees when I was a child. And when I was in high school, I experienced planting evergreen trees like eucalyptus and hemlock. Once I have my own piece of land, I’ll surely plant angiosperms like apples and mangoes. 




And the like [phrase] – and similar things 

Deciduous [adj.] – shedding its leaves annually 

Angiosperms [noun] – plants that produce flowers and bear their seeds in fruits 



What kind of trees are popular in your hometown?


(Answer 1)


As I’m living in the metropolitan area, I can’t see lots of trees here, except at the park. There, I see some pine trees, cherry blossom trees, and oak trees. Whenever I spend my free time at the park, I feel so rejuvenated, I think being close to nature or seeing those trees is really healing.


(Answer 2)


Well, let me think…I don’t know, I think the pine trees because wherever I go I can see lots of them but gum trees are also widespread in our hometown. So, I guess both of them are common in our hometown and both of these trees have historical significance in our town. 




Metropolitan [adj.] – relating to a large city 

Rejuvenated [adj.] – re-energized 

Widespread [adj.] – found over a large area



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And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 Trees recent topic with sample answers! Now that you have some great ideas on how to talk about trees or planting trees, make sure to develop your confidence so you can surely express yourself more naturally. If you do not have the confidence in speaking, the things that you learned in this post will be useless. Confidence in speaking English and enough knowledge about trees will secure you a higher band. Good luck!


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