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Watching TV Programs



What kinds of TV programs do you often watch?


(Answer 1)


I enjoy watching sports programs because obviously, I’m into sports. Most of the time, when I’m at home and if I have so much free time, I’m a couch potato (a person who spends a great deal of time watching television) enjoying my time cheering my favorite soccer team or basketball team. 


(Answer 2)


Actually, I rarely watch TV so I can’t say that I have a particular TV program that I often spend time watching. But if I get the chance to watch TV, I only watch game shows as I find them entertaining. It’s the only TV program that captures my interest (to make someone interested)


Do you think kids are watching too much television?


(Answer 1)


Yes! Based on my observation, children nowadays are addicted to watching TV. They watch their favorite TV programs for hours and that’s saddening because they become physically inactive, as a result, some of them become obese, or worse some of them acquire (obtain) serious illnesses due to being unhealthy. 


(Answer 2)


I don’t think so because I’ve noticed a lot of children these days are hooked (enjoying something so much that you’re unable to stop) on playing computer or mobile games. Or some of them are into watching Youtube videos for hours and hours. I bet some of them don’t really care about TV. 


What are the impacts of watching TV programs on children?


(Answer 1)


Well, as I said earlier, children become unhealthy from spending so much time watching TV. Aside from that, when children are not given parental guidance when they watch some TV programs, they have a tendency to imitate what they see on TV like violence or derogative (disrespectful) remarks and that’s pretty bad. 


(Answer 2)


If children watch those child-friendly or educational programs, they will surely learn so much. For instance, they can learn Math, Science, English, and more. However, if children are watching some programs that are not intended for them, I believe they may copy some expletives (swear words) or their innocence will be jeopardized (threatened) by some TV scenes that are not for minors. 


What kinds of TV programs do you think should be broadcast more?


(Answer 1)


If I had the power to choose which programs that are worthy to broadcast, I think I would choose those programs that improve the morale (the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline) of the youth. This is because a lot of young people these days are not valuing moral values. When I see some young people on social media, I really get disappointed in how irresponsible they are and how they lack self-respect. 


(Answer 2)


I think it would be nice if educational programs or those programs that bring awareness to people about social issues should be given more airtime (time during a broadcast is being transmitted). If that’s the case, I think a lot of people will become knowledgeable and socially aware of the many issues that their country is having. But I know that’s not possible as those programs won’t get the highest turnover  (income; profit).



What kind of TV programs do you like?


(Answer 1)


I’m more into watching comedy and drama, well for the obvious reason, I want to be entertained. I’m just like all the people in the world who want to relieve work-related stress. I want to laugh through comedy series and I want to be inspired and sometimes cry by watching TV dramas.

(Answer 2)


Honestly, I rarely watch TV programs as I don’t have plenty of free time, however, if I get the chance to watch some, I watch news programs, especially sports and business, documentaries, and National Geographic programs. 




Be into [phrase] – to be very interested in something 

Obvious [adj.] – clear 

Get the chance [phrase] – to have the opportunity 



Do you often watch programs on TV or on your smartphone?



(Answer 1)


Of course on TV, my smartphone is for surfing the net and for taking photographs, besides, my phone doesn’t have a widescreen so it’s not very satisfying to watch TV shows or movies on it. I just love watching TV shows on a wide-screen TV as it’s more appealing and entertaining.


(Answer 2)


Well, if I’m at home, without a doubt, I watch my favorite programs on TV, however, if I’m commuting or traveling, I watch TV shows or movies on my smartphone. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we all can use our phones to kill time in so many ways. My smartphone is like my best companion that never misses to entertain me.




Surf the net [idiom] – to browse contents on the internet

Appealing [adj.] – attractive

Without a doubt [phrase] – to emphasize that something is true

Commute [verb] – to travel some distance between one’s home and place of work

Kill time [idiom] – to engage in an activity, making time to pass more quickly

Do you like watching the same kind of TV program all the time?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I do. Like I said earlier, comedy makes me relieve my stress, so I never miss any of my favorite comedy programs. As for drama, I’ve been religiously following one type of detective TV drama every weekend. So, yes, I watch the same type of TV shows most of the time. 


(Answer 2)


Well, no, my interest varies every now and then depending on my mood. Although, I watch news programs on sports and business, still, I can’t say that I do it all the time. As I just mentioned a while ago, I only watch those programs if I have the opportunity and if I feel like watching them.




Religiously [adv.] – with consistent and conscientious regularity 

Vary [verb] – differ; change 



Do you talk with your friends about the TV program that you watch?


(Answer 1)


Not at all, my friends are not interested in drama, besides, watching TV programs is the last thing they want to do. They are all addicted to computer games or mobile games, so if they are free from work, most of their time is spent on gaming.


(Answer 2)


Yes, most especially on business news. I have two close friends who are working in a financial institution who never get tired of educating me about managing my money. If I watch some news about the economy that I can’t comprehend well or that’s intriguing to me, I enjoy sharing that with them because they are more than willing to help me understand.




The last thing you want [phrase] – something that you certainly do not want 

Intriguing [adj.] – arousing one’s curiosity 





And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 recent topic about TV programs. Now that you have some great ideas on how to answer questions that talk about TV shows, spend time practicing answering these questions in your own words. Do not memorize these sample answers as you will just fail. These sample answers are just your guide, giving you more ideas so you can express your thoughts better. Good luck! 


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