IELTS Speaking Part 1 Wallets: Study the sample answers talking about wallets so you can get plenty of ideas on how to answers questions well. Observe how the speaker uses topic vocabulary in his answers to target a higher mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource. Practice answering the following questions below to make sure you are ready to take your exam. By doing so, you will surely achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0. 








ielts speaking part 1 wallets questions and answers

A black bi-fold wallet. ©Emil Kalibradov



Do you use a wallet?


(Answer 1)


Yes, I do but it’s not for paper money. It’s for my different cards like credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, and the like. I’ve been using this card case wallet since last year. You may not know, we’ve become a cashless society here, so this kind of wallet is just what most people are currently using.

(Answer 2)


Of course, I have a breast wallet which I use when I have a business trip. I like using it because both of my cheques and banknotes aren’t folded. Also, I have a bi-fold wallet which I always use when I go to the supermarket. 




Paper money [noun] – a country’s official currency

And the like phrase] – and other similar things

Cashless society [noun] – an economic concept where financial transactions are done electronically rather than using banknotes

Breast wallet [noun] – also called secretary wallet; a wallet in which the paper money is not folded

Bi-fold wallet [noun] – a wallet that can be folded in half and has several card slots



Have you ever lost your wallet?


(Answer 1)


Yes, unfortunately. I have lots of experiences where my wallet got lost on a train, in a taxi, and worse when someone pickpocketed me while sightseeing abroad. Well, sadly I experienced that twice when I had my holidays in different countries. I was careless then but I’ve learned a lesson.


(Answer 2)


Not at all. I’m proud to say that I’m very careful with my wallet. Most of the time, I keep it safe. I can’t imagine losing my wallet, I think I might not be able to go to sleep if that happens. I always make sure to keep it in a very safe place.




Pickpocket [verb, as used in the answer] – to steal from the pocket of someone 

Can’t imagine [phrase] – be unable to imagine or think



Have you ever sent a wallet to someone as a gift?


(Answer 1)


I can’t remember gifting a wallet to someone, maybe I had given a wallet as a gift in the past, I just can’t recall. Well, anyway, I think that’s a great present to give especially for men as it somehow encourages them to save money (laughter). I might buy one and give it to my brother as he’s going to celebrate his birthday very soon.


(Answer 2)


Yes, I remember I gave my mom a Saint Laurent Zip Wallet on her 60th birthday. It was actually expensive but I didn’t mind the hefty price tag for that wallet as I was just wanted to give something very special to her and she did like it. 




I don’t mind [expression] – not to care

Hefty price tag [noun] – a high price



Do most of your friends use a wallet?


(Answer 1)


Definitely,  but as I said earlier, we’re in a cashless society so we don’t use the traditional wallets. Most of my friends’ wallets are the same as mine. We have a card case wallet and a few of my friends are using a phone case wallet, where its main purpose is for phone protection, however, there’s a compartment where they can store their cards as well.


(Answer 2)

I believe so. I think all of us use a wallet – may it be a phone case wallet, bi-fold wallet, card case wallet, or something like that. We need to have a wallet where we can keep our cards or our money. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have one. 




A few of [quantifier] – some

Compartment [noun] – a separate section 

Something like that [expression] – something similar to



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This recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic about Wallet is never complicated at all. You just need to know some words related to wallets. Make sure that you know some different types of wallets as that can help you express your answers better. These sample answers that are written above about wallets are just a guide, do not memorize them, instead, get ideas and practice answering those questions in your own words. Good luck! 


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