IELTS Speaking Part 1 Work or Study: Study the sample answers for the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics about work if you are a worker or study if you are still a student in this post. The technique on how to answer the questions about work spontaneously is to make sure that you know your job description or the roles and responsibilities that you have. Having this knowledge will help you provide good topic vocabulary words that will make you communicate your thoughts better. 

Meanwhile, if you are still a student, you are surely asked about your studies. Understand your course, the curriculum that your school has, your study goals, and even your plans after graduation. Preparing ideas on the said matters will make you express yourself more confidently. 









Are you studying or working?


(Answer 1 – if you’re a worker [nurse] )

I’m currently working as an ambulatory care nurse in one of the most reputable medical clinics in this city. I’ve been working there for almost two years now and I couldn’t be happier helping lots of patients, most especially when they express their gratitude to me. 

(Answer 2 – if you’re a worker [IT Engineer] )

I’m an IT engineer working in the most popular IT Solutions company in this country. My main roles include managing network systems, designing hardware configurations, installing software, and training staff on correct operating procedures. 




Ambulatory care nurse [noun] – is a nursing professional who treats patients that seek routine medical care for acute and chronic illnesses as well as injuries, usually outside of a hospital setting

Reputable [adj.] – well-respected


Do you like your work?


(Answer 1 – NURSE)

Definitely! This job is one of the most essential and rewarding jobs in the world. I don’t see myself doing a different job, I believe I was really born to serve patients. For me, it’s undeniably fulfilling to provide medical assistance or educate people about the importance of health. 


(Answer 2 – IT Engineer)

Yes, I do, however, because of the nature of my work, I sometimes feel extremely exhausted, most especially when our clients are so demanding. Whenever we have those kinds of clients, it’s impossible for me to maintain a work-life balance. But anyway, it’s a great job, in terms of compensation. 




Rewarding [adj.] – satisfying 

Fulfilling [adj.] – making someone satisfied and happy

In terms of [phrase] – with regard to

Compensation [noun] – money paid to someone 


What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?


(Answer 1 – NURSE)

I think doing administrative duties like ordering supplies, answering calls, making appointments, and the like. Doing all these things is really challenging because, to be honest with you, I find them boring. There are times that I feel like my days are really dragging on doing administrative tasks, but I can’t do anything about it as it’s part of my job.



(Answer 2 – IT Engineer)

Like I’ve just said when I can’t maintain a work-life balance because of tight deadlines set by extremely demanding clients. That’s seriously a challenge not just for me but also for my teammates. During those times, we usually can’t help ourselves but become stressed out.




Drag on [phrase] – to continue at tedious and unnecessary length



Are you studying or working?

(If you’re a STUDENT)


(Answer 1)

I’m a senior student studying Fine Arts at ABC University. Actually, I’m really looking forward to my graduation day, which is just a few months from now, since I can start living independently. And the idea of getting my diploma makes me really thrilled. 



(Answer 2)

I’m still studying and I’m in my last year of high school. I’m excited to finish my high school studies this year because I’ll live in the US next year to study engineering in one of the prestigious colleges there. 




Look forward to [phrase] – to feel excited about that’s going to happen

Thrilled [adj.] – excited

Prestigious [adj.] – reputable 



Why did you choose that major?


I was inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh when my high school art teacher introduced Vincent’s works to us. I remember vividly, I was at a loss for words when I looked at his paintings – his pieces of art were just incredibly spectacular. And that made me revisit my love of drawing and painting which I dearly enjoyed doing when I was just a child. Since then, I knew what I wanted to become, and that made me decide to study Fine Arts. 



(Follow-up question) Which type of engineering course should you study in the US?


I’d like to take up a computer engineering course because I’m really passionate about computers and advanced technologies. Besides, I really believe that there are plenty of lucrative job opportunities in store for those people who attain this degree, especially with distinction.




Vividly [adv.] – in a way that produces strong feelings or clear images in the mind 

At a loss for words [idiom] – unable to think of anything to say 

Revisit [verb] – to consider 

Lucrative [adj.] – profitable 

In store [phrase] – about to happen

With distinction [idiom] – with special awards or recognition



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And that’s all about IELTS Speaking Part 1 Work or Study recent topic! Now that you have some good ideas on how to answer questions related to your work or your study, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve your target band score or even achieve a band 9.0. Develop your confidence and come prepared for your exam. Good luck!


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