IELTS Speaking Pieces Of Furniture: Study the sample answers to the questions about furniture. Learn how each question is answered and how the speaker used the right topic vocabulary words and collocations that help him provide high-band-worthy answers. 








Do you have a lot of pieces of furniture in your home?


(Answer 1)

I have a few such as tables, chairs, one bookshelf, a wardrobe, and a bed. I would love to have additional furniture but I can’t fit them in in my apartment since it’s tiny. If I move to a spacious one in the future, I’ll surely buy more. 

(Answer 2)

Yes, we do have plenty of different kinds of furniture in the house because my parents love to buy both new and second-hand furniture. But honestly, there are more second-hand pieces of furniture in the house since my mom is an antique collector and some of her collections include a grandfather clock, a cheval mirror, a nest of tables, a partner’s desk, and many more that I don’t even know the name. 




A few [quantifier] – some 

Fit something in [phrasal verb] – to have sufficient space

Spacious [adj.] – roomy; more ample space

Antique [noun] – a collectible item such as furniture that has a high value because of its age & quality

Cheval mirror [noun] – a large full-length mirror usually standing on the floor

Nest of tables [noun] – a group of tables constructed so that one fits under the other

Partner’s desk [noun] – a desk that is large enough to seat two people facing each other with working drawers on both sides





i.) The speaker gave a positive answer but in a different way instead of giving a ‘yes’ answer, then he enumerated some pieces of furniture he had in his home. That served as his topic vocabulary words which helped him extend his answer a little bit more. 


ii.) The speaker gave a positive answer to the question and talked about the reason why he had many pieces of furniture at home. For him to speak at length, he shared his mom’s hobby of collecting furniture and then provided some examples of furniture his mom collected. It’s a clever way to provide topic vocabulary words. 


Has anyone bought a piece of furniture for you?


(Answer 1)

Sadly no one, but if I want to get one from someone, I really love to have a chest of drawers. I don’t have one at home, I only have a dresser, so all of my clothes are placed in a dresser. I want to have a chest of drawers so I can separate my undergarments and my handkerchiefs from the rest of my clothes on that furniture. 


(Answer 2)

Yes, just recently my mom bought a desk and a swivel chair so I can properly study in my room. She felt sorry for me after seeing me studying on the floor while leaning my back on the side of my bed in my room. Those were actually my mom’s surprise birthday gift to me last month, I was really happy to receive those pieces of furniture. 




Chest of drawers [noun] – furniture that is used for storing clothes or other items in a set of drawers  but looks like a narrow, tall dresser & provides maximum storage while conserving the floor space

Dresser [noun] – furniture that is used for storing clothes or other items in a set of drawers but it’s usually wide and short with the top serves as a table and provides space for a mirror

Undergarment [noun] – a piece of underwear

Desk [noun] – a piece of furniture with a flat surface with drawers where one can read or write 

Swivel chair [noun] – a chair with a seat table to be turned on its base to face in any direction




i.) The speaker gave a negative answer and then used a conditional tense for him to extend his answer. He talked about one specific piece of furniture he would love to get and the reason behind it. If you notice, the speaker was being strategic in his answer just for him to speak at length. 


ii.) The speaker gave a positive answer to the question and provided two kinds of furniture. Then he shared his background story as to how he got those pieces of furniture. In that way, he’s able to speak a bit more which is important to showcase his language prowess. 


What kind of furniture would you like to buy?


(Answer 1)

Honestly, I’m a minimalist, I avoid having so many kinds of furniture in my apartment. Besides,  I think I have every piece of furniture I need. So I believe I don’t need to buy another kind of furniture, buying one is just a waste of money. 


(Answer 2)

Actually, I’m thinking of buying a massage chair these days because I find it really beneficial. Last week, I paid a visit to my friend and I tried using their massage chair for about 15 minutes. I was so amazed because my back pain got alleviated. I realized I badly need one, however, I learned that it’s really pricey so currently I’m seriously saving money so that I can buy one.



Minimalist [noun as used in the answer] – a person who practices or uses a minimalist style that is avoiding to use many kinds of things 

Massage chair [noun] – a chair designed for massages

Pay a visit [idiom] – to visit someone 

Alleviate [verb] – make (a problem, pain, suffering) less severe

Pricey [adj.] – expensive




i.) The speaker answered the question in a different way by talking about his personality – being a minimalist. That is also the main reason why he believed he didn’t need to have another piece of furniture in his apartment. Brief answer and spontaneous. 


ii.) The speaker shared his interest in buying one kind of furniture after being inspired by his friend. He talked about his experience of using his friend’s massage chair and decided to have one as it was beneficial for him. Also, to make his answer at a good length, he shared his realization of how costly that furniture was and how determined he was for getting one. It’s a very good way to end his answer. 


Which furniture in your home do you like the best?


(Answer 1)

Without a doubt, my bed! Aside from the fact that it’s a place where I can rest, I love my bed the best because it’s one of a kind. It’s a trundle bed, not a lot of people have this kind of bed. Well,  just in case you aren’t familiar with that kind of bed, it’s used for keeping an extra bed on hand without taking up more space. In other words, one bed is kept underneath the ordinary bed and can be pulled out at any time especially when you have visitors who want to sleep over.  


(Answer 2)

Wow, that’s a hard question as I have plenty of furniture in the house that I really like, but if I have to choose one, it’ll be the recliner. I enjoy using it because it’s just relaxing. When I get home from work, I like the feeling of taking a rest on the reclining sofa as it helps me reduce back pain, relieves my stress, and I’ve just recently learned that it does improve blood circulation. So it’s not just your ordinary kind of sofa as it provides health benefits. 




Without a doubt [phrase] – indisputably 

Underneath [preposition] – situated directly below

Sleep over [phrasal verb as used in the answer] – to stay the night at somebody else’s home

Recliner [noun] – a sofa that reclines when the person lowers the chair’s back & raises its front

Reduce [verb] – minimize 




i.) The speaker answered the question at once coupled with a good expression. He talked about the reason and the type of bed he had. Since his bed was not that common, he provided a brief definition of that bed which helped him express more and at the same time provide an easy-to-understand answer. 


ii.) The speaker expressed his surprise which is a very good way to buy time. Then after, he provided one particular piece of furniture that he liked and talked about the health benefits he got upon using that furniture. The way he developed his answer, in the beginning, is a good strategy while thinking of an answer that he could give to the examiner.

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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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