IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 Spending Time With Others: Study the sample answers to the topic questions about spending time with other people. Learn topic vocabulary, collocations, and understand how the speaker developed his answers targeting the criteria, Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and Accuracy. 


Talking about interacting with other people is not difficult as this topic is relatable; we spend time talking with people every now and again. The sample answers below give you ideas on how to communicate your thoughts better that will help you achieve your target band score. Practice and achieve a band 7 or even a band 9!








ielts speaking part 1 spending time with others

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Do you like talking with people?


(Answer 1)

Honestly, I’m very selective about the people whom I talk with. I avoid those who have an air of superiority (expression: an arrogant way of behaving)  because I can’t stand (phrase: can’t tolerate) with them. Also, I only talk to people who are sensible and like-minded (adj.: having similar tastes or opinions)




(Answer 2)

I’m nervous talking with acquaintances but I definitely enjoy talking with my friends and my loved ones because obviously, I know them. You know what, one of my biggest weaknesses is starting a conversation with someone I don’t know. I really struggle with that a lot. 



How do you like spending time with your friends?


(Answer 1)


Before the pandemic, I often spent time with my friends at a restaurant or at a mall and that was incredibly (adv.: to a great extent) fun because we got to do the things that we love doing together. But that has stopped, unfortunately, as you know we need to prioritize our health and our safety. I’m really looking forward to doing things that we usually did in the past again.


(Answer 2)


I consider my closest friends a family so spending time with them is one of the best things in the world. During these difficult times, we’re able to lift each other’s spirits (idiom: to make one feel happier) and that’s just wonderful because we feel the essence of our friendship.



Which do you prefer, studying with others or by yourself?


(Answer 1)


I’m more effective when I study on my own because my concentration is 100%. I don’t like studying with my friends because I easily get distracted. Besides, there won’t be any study sessions to happen since we simply end up chatting or talking about the latest movie that we watch. 


(Answer 2)


I’m not really studious (adj.: spending a lot of time studying) but I enjoy studying with my friends or other people because I get motivated. I’m really lazy when it comes to studying, I dunno but I easily get bored studying some things. So, having someone to accompany (verb: to go with) me in studying will be very helpful.




Do you like working with other people?


(Answer 1)


Not that much. I’m an introvert so it’s a challenge for me to work with other people. I find it hard to express my ideas or feelings to others and I easily get overwhelmed (verb: to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion). But, most of the time I try my best to work harmoniously with others, especially if I don’t have any choice. 


(Answer 2)


Yes, I don’t have any problem working with other people because I’m a team player (noun: a person who plays or works well as a member of a team) anyway. I enjoy learning others’ ideas as it helps me widen my perspective on life. Besides, I always believe that no man is an island. We need each other to survive.



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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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