IELTS Speaking Taking Some Medicine: Study the sample monologue below about taking some medicine. You may talk about alternative medicine, over-the-counter medicine, or prescription medicine. Prepare some topic vocabulary words and the appropriate collocations that you can use as they help you achieve your target band score. Get ideas in this post and achieve a band 7.0 or even get a band 9.0! 










Describe a  time when you had to take some medicine

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who gave it
  • Why you had it
  • And explain how you felt after




A N S W E R 


Actually, I was really having a hard time remembering an instance when I had to take some medicine simply because in the first place I avoid taking them. I see manufactured medicines as dangerous to my body, so I always opt for traditional medicine. I started to become an advocate of alternative medicine when I was in college.




Instance [noun] – a situation; example

Manufactured medicines [noun] – commercial medicines

Opt [verb] – choose

Advocate [noun] – a person who publicly supports a cause

Alternative medicine [noun] – traditional medicine


Anyway, I remember when I was only ten years old, I was extremely sick, I caught a fever after I joined a school camp. I was hospitalized for three days and I needed to take some antibiotics. I also suffered from dehydration at that time, I bet that was because of the strenuous activities that I did during that summer camp.



Catch a fever [phrase] – to acquire a fever

Antibiotic [noun] – a kind of medicine that inhibits or destroys some microorganism

Dehydration [noun] – the loss or removal of water from the body

I bet [expression] – to show that you understand about something why someone or something happens

Strenuous [adj] – requiring so much effort


It was a traumatizing experience for me staying in the hospital and all I could do was lie in bed, sleep, eat little, and take some medicine. There was no time that I would not vomit after taking some medicine, the smell of it was just horrible. And that is also one good reason why I shifted to traditional medicine, I can’t take the smell of manufactured medicines.




Traumatizing [adj] – shocking; disturbing

Vomit [verb] – to eject something from the stomach through the mouth

Shift [verb] – to change

Well to make the long story short, I got cured on the fourth day, I was permitted to go back home, and thank God, I didn’t need to take some more medicines as my doctor told my mom that I just needed to get enough rest and drink plenty of water, which I really did as I didn’t want to be sick again.


That experience of mine was the very last time that I was admitted to a hospital and took some medicines. These days, as I’m a fan of alternative medicines, I couldn’t be happier since I have never experienced any serious illness.




Cure [verb] – to heal

Permit [verb] – allow

Thank God [phrase] – to say that you’re happy

Admit (to hospital) [verb] – to be sent

I’m a fan [expression] – another way to say I support

I couldn’t be happier [idiom] – to be very happy








What is your opinion of buying medicine online?


Well, I do not have any problem with that as almost all kinds of transactions nowadays are done online. That is not surprising at all! That kind of system provides convenience to consumers most especially to those elderly people.

As I do not have any experience buying some medicine online, I do not know how it works, perhaps only the over-the-counter drugs can be purchased online but those that need a prescription are an exemption. All in all, I see this as favorable, and for sure more and more products will be transacted online in the years to come like this trend of buying medicine online.




Transact [verb] – carry out (business); perform

Transaction [noun] 

Over-the-counter drugs [noun] – drugs that can be bought without a prescription

Exemption [noun] – excluded; not included

All in all [phrase] – on the whole




Why do you think children hate taking some medicine?



The fact that the usual taste of medicine is awful is what makes children abhor medicines. As I was once a child, I could really empathize with them, it is surely difficult to swallow the medicine as the smell of it triggers them to vomit, much more when it sticks on their tongue since they could taste its bitterness.


I believe the majority of parents are having a hard time making their children take some medicines and I suppose that is one factor why pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing medicines that are flavorful and some are like chewable candies just to trick them.

Because of that, it is no wonder why children avoid taking medicines.



The fact that [phrase] – gives emphasis

Abhor [verb] – hate

Empathize [verb] – understand the feeling of others because one has experienced the same thing

Trigger [verb] – cause to feel upset

Vomit [verb] – eject something from the stomach through the mouth; puke

Pharmaceutical [fahr-muh-soo-ti-kuh l] companies [noun] – companies that create medicines

Trick [verb] – to make someone believe something is different from the actual thing


Do you think medicine is harmful?


My opinion on this matter is completely biased since I do not take any over-the-counter medicine at all. I have to say they are dangerous. I live a healthy life and I always go for something natural. I always believe that nature is best in curing some illnesses.


For instance, I usually prepare some home remedies when I feel unwell like having a cold or flu. I drink some boiled ginger or lemon or I drink some cups of tea. This is how I medicate myself and I usually get better. As you know, in ancient history, there were no commercialized medicines, people in the past only relied on nature and they could live longer. If they could do that, there is no reason why we cannot practice it as well. Nature plus healthy living makes people free from diseases.





Home remedies [noun] – traditional cure of illness

Medicate [verb] – treat

Commercialized medicines [noun] – manufactured medicines

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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources:  Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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