IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FRIENDSHIP: This post lists the topic vocabulary words and collocations about friendship or friends. Learn how to use the right expressions when talking about your relationship with your friends. And ace your IELTS Speaking exam!




Buddy – a friend

(Synonyms: confidant; ally)

He has been my buddy for a long time.


Eternal – existing forever

(Synonyms: lifelong friendship; lasting; long-standing)

My best friend Cody and I made a vow of eternal friendship.


Intimate – very close

(Synonyms: close; deep)

To those people who have found one intimate friend of their life are lucky.


A shoulder to cry on – someone who is willing to listen and understand you in difficult times

                                and who gives your emotional support

All these years, she has been a shoulder to cry on, she is always there with me when I’m depressed.


Count on – to depend on someone

I can always count on him as he is a good friend of mine.


Hit it off – having an instant good relationship from the first meeting

I don’t know why we just hit it off, maybe we are destined together.


Know (someone) inside out – to know someone very well

We’ve been friends for twenty years now and I know him inside out.


Near and dear to (someone) – a very important person

After she was abandoned from her parents when she was only little, her aunt and uncle are the only people who are near and dear to her.


Speak the same language – to understand each other very well; having the same opinions

                                             and values

In terms of our interests in life, we both speak the same language.

Through thick and thin – you support someone in any circumstances may be good or bad

Peter and I are inseparable through thick and thin. That’s how we are!




This IELTS Speaking Topic Vocabulary Friendship post gives you an idea on how to answer questions with the right words or expressions. You surely can ace your exam!

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