IELTS Speaking Website You Often Visit: Study the sample monologue about a website you regularly visit or use. This should be easy to talk with as most of us these days are browsing the internet often. When talking about your favorite website, make sure to describe it clearly by providing enough details.

Get ideas on this post, practice making your own story in Part 2, and learn how to discuss your ideas in Part 3 concisely. Good luck!












Describe a website that you often visit

You should say:

  • What it is
  • When you first use it
  • How you know it
  • And explain why you visit often








As I’m a music lover, Youtube has been my companion during my happy and depressing times, since the very time I discovered it way back when I was only 20 years old.


Tip: For you to start your story in an easy way, relate the topic to your experience, self, character, etc.


This is an American video-sharing website that was created in the year 2005. As far as I can remember this was created by three Americans who were former employees of Paypal. However, Google bought this site the year after its creation.

Tip: A bit of history works well here


Anyway, it has been my daily routine to visit this site to listen to music from my favorite musicians. I can just type in the music or the artist that I want to listen to in the search box and it appears at once. This is a user-friendly website. It’s easy to navigate that even a four-year-old child can operate.  




User-friendly [adj] – easy to use

Navigate [verb] – to click; tapping the menu button


Well actually, this website is for everyone. I mean, anyone can upload videos on Youtube not only musicians. Ordinary people can do such, they just have to create an account. On this site, music videos are only one kind of choice to watch, Youtube has a lot of videos that people can watch. There are some educational videos for children and for adults, some movies, and some travel blogs.


Tip: More description is given here about the website in order for the examiner to get more ideas on what the website is about.


As I said, Youtube users can upload videos, not only that, they can also comment, rate the video, share, and even subscribe to other users. Lately, they have strict regulations censoring those videos that have adult content and more importantly they value copyright law.




Subscribe [verb] – support; follow

Censor [verb] – prohibit; delete

Copyright law [noun] – protection provided to the original author or works


I just love using Youtube as I can watch or listen to my favorite songs and I can be updated with the latest songs. I wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without it.




PART 3 – Focuses on the Internet




What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet?


Well, there are several benefits and challenges of using the internet but I would just like to talk about the most common ones.

First, because of the internet, people can have easy access to a myriad of information. Nowadays, people rely on the internet when they want to know the news as it is free and convenient. Students, as well, gather some information online for their research papers. In addition, the internet makes the world smaller as people can keep in touch with their loved ones very easily wherever they are.

On the other hand, because of too much convenience that this technology brings, people become less sociable now as they spend so much time online instead of interacting with others outside. Also, we cannot deny the fact that the internet has become a tool for fraudsters to deceive people for their personal interests.
This technology has brought positive and negative impacts on people’s lives but I believe as long as people are responsible for using it, there is not much to worry about.




Myriad [adj] – countless; in great number

Rely [verb] – depend

Keep in touch [phrase] – to communicate

Fraudster [noun] – someone who tricks people to get money

Tip: The speaker acknowledges that there are for sure many advantages and disadvantages but he cannot mention all of them as a result he only talks about the common ones. This sounds very natural.



How does the internet change the lives of the people in your country?


In the first place, I cannot enumerate all the great things that this modern technology has impacted my countrymen, however, let me cite the most obvious changes.

First, because of the internet, people in my country are able to secure decent job opportunities related to information technology. As jobs are being generated, people’s lives have improved significantly.

Second, since my country is not an English-speaking country, my fellow men, are now enjoying the convenience of learning English online instead of going to some educational institutions.

Also, people in my country have changed their perspective in life from being conventional as they become knowledgeable about so many things that they have read online.

These are the significant changes that I can see in the people in my country.



Enumerate [verb] – to name all one by one

Cite [verb] – mention; state

Countrymen [noun] – people from the same country as someone else; fellow-men; citizen

Perspective [noun] – belief; view

Conventional [adj] – traditional

Note: The way the speaker starts his answer makes him sound very natural.



Should the government regulate the use of the internet?


Honestly, it should be. As we know, there are various contents that are not appropriate to minor audiences that can be accessed very easily. Parents cannot always monitor their children on what they are browsing or viewing. Those sites are harmful to the development of their children. Also, fake news is becoming rampant online that some really look credible, because of that, people will become confused and sometimes it causes panic. So for me, the government should control sites that do harm to people.



Minor audiences [noun] – children; teenager

Browse [verb] – check

Rampant [adj] – popular

Credible [adj] – authentic; legit


Tip: The way the speaker answers is very straightforward. The first sentence is a direct answer which is followed by the instances that make him say that it should be regulated.

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And that’s all about the IELTS Speaking Website You Often Visit, recent topic! Now that you have some good ideas, develop your confidence, and practice speaking more naturally. Good luck!


Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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