IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TECHNOLOGY: These words and expressions are a huge help to boost your mark in the criterion, Lexical Resource. Study these words as they help you express your answer better. 


When talking about Technology, it is a must to use words related to it as they help boost your mark on the criterion, Lexical Resource. As much as you can, develop excellent answers, and equip them with the appropriate expressions or advanced words, but, make sure you are not overdoing it to avoid sounding mechanical.

Computer age [noun] – the modern age in which people depend on using computers

Living in this computer age makes people’s lives more and more comfortable yet it causes so many issues like cyberbullying and invasion of privacy.


Cutting edge / leading edge [adj.] – highly advanced; innovative; first

Samsung is the leading edge manufacturer of 4K TV.



Digital age [noun] – the current time when information is through a computer or digital form in contrast to the time when computers were not used then

The music industry has completely changed significantly in this digital age.


Efficient [adj.] – functioning or operating in the best possible way; satisfying to use

I have to say that electric cars are energy efficient.


Gadget [noun] – electronic device

Schools should prohibit children from using their gadgets inside the classroom.


Innovative [adj.] – being new or different from others

Start-up  IT companies should be innovative enough to compete with giant technology companies.


Silver surfer [noun] – refers to an elderly person who is enthusiastic about using the internet

Her grandma is already 75, however, she has so much confidence in navigating a website. Such an amazing silver surfer!


State-of-the-art [adj] – modern; futuristic; avant-garde

I have to say that Apple Computer has state-of-the-art technologies.


Surf the web [verb] – to browse or navigate a website usually by clicking with a mouse

Children as young as five can already surf the web confidently.


Stuck behind the computer [phrase] – not being able to do anything else except work on the computer

Office workers who are stuck behind the computer should find time to exercise to develop a healthy lifestyle.


Talking about technology is never difficult as long as your vocabulary is not limited. This post, IELTS TOPIC VOCABULARY TECHNOLOGY is your guide to making your answers better. 


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Meaning of Words and Phrases Sources: Collins, Macmillan, Cambridge, Oxford

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