IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FILM: The words and expressions written below are what you can possibly use on your IELTS Speaking Exam when talking about films or movies. Equip yourself with better expressions to be able to get your target score. Ace your exam!


Who doesn’t love watching films? Movies or films is one of the common topics that students get during their IELTS Speaking exam. Questions such as ‘What is your favorite film?’, ‘How does your favorite film inspire you?’ and the like, these questions can be answered interestingly if the student or the examinee knows a lot of words or expressions related movies.


But one should bear in mind that using too many idioms or expressions is big NO as it sounds unnatural or forced. The words and expressions below are recommend ones:



Adaptation [noun] – refers to films that are inspired from a book or written work

The Da Vinci Code movie adaptation is a massive success in European countries.


Blockbuster [noun] – refers to movies that are commercially successful

Hugh Jackman’s latest movie, The Greatest Showman, is certified blockbuster.

Synonym: box-office hit


Depict [verb] – show; represent; portray

The movie depicted the suffering of Jews during the World War.


Flop [noun] – fail totally; failure

It’s sad to know that the movie he first starred is a flop.


Low-budget film [noun] – refer to motion pictures/movies that are not funded well from a major investor

Some low-budget films are worth watching.


Movie buff [noun] – refers to a person who is not only interested about the film but also knowledgeable

If you want some movie recommendation, you better ask Phil as he is a movie buff.


Premiere [noun]  – the debut; the first public appearance of the film

The premiere of the movie Game of Thrones was very well-praised by the audience.


Soundtrack [noun] – the music used in a film

The soundtrack of that film is just right, it completely captures the mood of the actors.

Synonym: film score; background music


Subtitle [noun] – the caption that can be seen at the bottom of the screen to cater international audiences

I don’t rely on subtitles now when watching movies in English as I can already understand.


Tear-jerking [adj] – refers to movies that move audience to tears

Tear-jerker [noun]

As I’m an optimistic person, I avoid watching tear-jerking movies.


Thought-provoking [adj] – making the audience think a lot about the film

The ending of the film is thought-provoking and I believe that makes it really entertaining.


Movie genres:

Romance / Chick flick







Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)





This post about IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FILM gives you an idea on how to express your thoughts better. There’s no reason why you feel less confident – you can make it!

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